Blood And Truth Launch Trailer: Be A British Action Star In PlayStation VR

Being a cheesy action hero has never been so stylish.
Blood & Truth is a full-blown expansion of PSVR Worlds' London Heist stage.
Blood & Truth is a full-blown expansion of PSVR Worlds' London Heist stage. Sony Interactive London

There are few action titles that are about you being your very own action hero starring in your own cheesy, but incredibly awesome action flick. Even fewer are those that put you in the actual shoes of a dual-wielding madman out on a mission, collateral damage and your bosses be damned.

The latter is exactly what Sony Interactive London is offering with their brand-new release for the PlayStation VR called Blood & Truth. The title, developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and VR kit, is an expansion of the London Heist level found in PlayStation VR Worlds. Sony Interactive London describes it as a “love letter to classic cockney gangster movies,” as the game takes place in London.

In Blood & Truth, players assume the role of Ryan Marks, a former Special Forces soldier who is on a mission to save his family from a London crime boss. Think Taken, but with the charm and appeal of Die Hard mixed with the ridiculous gunplay of John Wick. If you think I’m kidding in that regard, check out its announcement trailer above.

In my humble opinion, what makes a good action movie is not the story, or the dialogue. The only thing that matters is the context for the action and how cool it looks. Blood & Truth, in a word, is cool. It’s that cheesy action movie you see playing on the TV every once in a while, where you say, “Yeah, I can watch this” and then become so totally engrossed with it that you look up if it has a sequel. The setting, action and set pieces all look stunning, and I have to admit that if there’s a VR game that can make you feel like a badass, it’s probably Blood & Truth.

There’s also a lot of neat animations whenever you hold the guns. It’s totally unnecessary at times and completely over-the-top, but then again that’s what makes it cool. There’s also a lot of sardonic wit between the characters, their dialog dressed in cockney English accents that remind me of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Blood & Truth is set to be released exclusively on the PlayStation VR on May 28, 2019.

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