BlizzCon 2019: Dragons Are Arriving In Hearthstone With Upcoming Expansion

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Dragons are here.
Dragons are here. Blizzard

Earlier this year Hearthstone saw League of E.V.I.L. put its master plan into motion with Rise of Shadows. After that it was time to stop the forces of evil with Saviors of Uldum. The epic story is about to reach its conclusion as dragons are arriving in Hearthstone.

In the Descent of Dragons Expansion, the League of Explorers and League of E.V.I.L. take their fight to the skies of Dragonblight. This expansion sees the final phase of Rafaam’s arch-villainous plot move forward.

The Descent of Dragons expansion is scheduled to be launched on December 10 and not only brings dragons, but also introduces a new card set as well as new game mechanics. Here are some of the features you can expect with this latest expansion:

  • Galakrond
  • Galakrond is the dragon to end all dragons.
  • This dragon manifests as five brand-new Hero cards, one each for the Warrior, Warlock, Shaman, Rogue, and Priest classes.
    • Each version has a powerful Battlecry and Hero Power.
  • Invoke
    • Invoke is a new keyword that will empower Galakrond, causing his battlecry to grow in strength to a second and third form.
  • Sidequests
    • Sidequests are new cards that offer powerful rewards, but are easier to complete compared to standard Quest cards.
  • Dragons
    • For what has been named as Year of the Dragon, the community has noticed that it has so far been light on dragons. The expansion changes all that.
    • Each hero class get their very own Legendary Dragon to reign over ice and sky.
  • Dragon Breath
    • A dragon is only as good as its ability to breathe fire, ice, poison, lightning, or any myriad of elemental exhalations.
    • Dragon Breath cards are spells that give players powerful bonuses if they're holding a dragon.

You can pre-purchase the Descent of Dragons expansion with these two bundles:

  • Descent of Dragons Bundle
    • 60 Descent of Dragons card packs
    • Shattering Card Back
    • Random Descent of Dragons Golden Legendary card
    • Early access to the Battlegrounds game mode.
  • Descent of Dragons Mega Bundle
    • 100 Descent of Dragons card packs
    • Deathwing Warrior Hero
    • Shattering Card Back
    • Random Descent of Dragons Golden Legendary card
    • Early access to the Battlegrounds game mode.

You can pre-purchase Descent of Dragons here.

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