Hearthstone’s Tombs Of Terror Chapter 3 Begins Today

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A new terror is released.
A new terror is released. Blizzard

The trouble just keeps coming and this time a new tomb in Hearthtone's Tomb of Terror has been opened. As you journey through the Lost City and the Scorching Dunes, the League of E.V.I.L. continues to put their plans in place. Right now it is Khartut’s Tomb that has been opened.

Khartut’s Tomb is where the Plague Lord of Death trapped powerful minions in an unending cycle of death. Players start the game with an Eternal Tomb on the board. As friendly Minions die, the tomb gradually unlocks in order to unleash a powerful Deathrattle minion. After that, the tomb closes again as another minion waits to come out.

To stop this menace, the League of Explorers is featuring Elise the Enlightened. With years of studying druidic designs and priestly pursuits, Elise brings with her archaic and arcane knowledge. She is going to need to use everything she has learned in order to close Khartut’s Tomb and go head-to-head with the Plague Lord of Death.

Khartut’s Tomb is the third chapter in the new Tombs of Terror adventure. The first two chapters have already been released. The first chapter focused on The Lost Terror. Buried under the sands of Uldum is the Lost City of the Tol’vir which hides the first of the Plague Lords. Fortunately, Reno Jackson is more than ready with his hat and Gatling Wand to face the Plague Lord of Murlocs. This Plague Lord has managed to get his slimy friends into the decks of both players and bosses. Drwaing the "Surprise! Murlocs!" card gets you to summon to your board a random number of Murlocs.

For the second chapter, you head over Scorching Dunes and face miles of rough and irritating sand to battle the Plague Lord of Madness. This is where Sir Finley Mrgglton. This Plague Lord has affected minions that are in the Scorching Dunes. What happens is that at the end of each player's turn, their very own right most minion is going to attack a random enemy.

The first chapter, along with Reno Jackson, is available for free. Each additional chapter is then going to be launch over a period of three weeks. However, additional chapters are going to cost you $6.99 or 700 Gold. You can also buy the bundle, which has all the chapters, for $14.99.

Completing the fifth boss of each of the first four chapters rewards you with three Saviors of Uldum Packs. You also get another three for completing the finale. In addition, you earn a Golden Classic Pack when you conquer the entire Solo Adventure. Finally you earn two unique card backs when you complete all chapters on Normal and Heroic Mode.

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