Hearthstone Officially Opens Tombs Of Terror Solo Adventure

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Beware the tombs!
Beware the tombs! Blizzard

Prepare yourselves Hearthstone players as the Tombs of Terror have been opened. This latest solo adventure sees the plagues of Uldum unleashed with the plans of the League of E.V.I.L. set into motion. It's now up to the League of Explorers to fight back against the evil and save the world.

The first set of challenges start September 17 with the first two chapters of Tombs of Terror. Details include:

  • Chapter 1: The Lost City
    • Under the sands of Uldum lies the Lost City of the Tol’vir. Buried here for eons is the first of the Plague Lords. With his hat on and Gatling Wand ready, Reno dives headfirst into the city and confronts the Plague Lord of Murlocs. This Plague Lord has managed to slip some of his slimy friends to the decks of not only the players, but even the bosses. Get to draw the "Surprise! Murlocs!" card and summon to your board a random number of Murlocs.
    • This chapter is available to everyone for free.
  • Chapter 2: Scorching Dunes
    • Even the most committed of champions are sure to have their mental limits tested as they journey on miles of rough and irritating sand. That's not a problem for Sir Finley Mrgglton as he prepares for battle against the Plague Lord of Madness. This Plague Lord has affected minions that are played in the Scorching Dunes. At the end of each player's turn, their very own right most minion is going to attack a random enemy.

The next chapters are set to be released over the next two weeks. In addition, future chapters are going to be made available through a bundle which costs $14.99 for all the chapters. Chapters can be purchased individually as well for $6.99 or 700 Gold. As each chapter gets unlocked, you get the chance to play as a member of the League of Explorers.

It's not all about new stories, however, as Tomb of Terror also offers players new features like:

  • Plague Lords
    • We've already mentioned the Plague Lords that you need to find a way to stop. What you need to know about them is that they have a lot of health. If you're not successful on your first try, don't worry too much about it. Get another shot at the lords on your next run.
  • Dual-Class Heroes
    • The League of Explorers already have some excellent skills. However for Elise, Brann, Finley, and Reno, it's not enough as they learn new crafts in their spare time. This allows them to access cards from two classes.
  • Signature Treasures
    • Signature treasures are unlocked when players finish challenges or defeat bosses. As you progress inside the Tombs of Terror, you get your pack filled out with lots of magical loot and powerful cards.

Hearthstone also revealed that when you complete the fifth boss of each of the first four chapters, you earn three Saviors of Uldum packs. When you complete the finale, that's another three packs for you. You also get to earn a Golden Classic Pack once you finish the Solo Adventure. Finally, when you complete all chapters on Normal or Heroic Mode you earn two unique card backs.

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