Blizzard's Fight Against Toxicity Messing Up Overwatch 2 Competitive Matchmaking

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Players have been complaining about how messed up the game's competitive matchmaking is.
Players have been complaining about how messed up the game's competitive matchmaking is. Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

Toxicity is and will always be a dreaded topic in video games like Overwatch 2. It is true though that Blizzard has been successful, so far, in limiting toxic behavior in the second iteration by introducing various changes to the game’s competitive mode. Unfortunately, these very changes made the competitive matchmaking system a huge mess, especially in the second season.

The main gripe fans and players have with Overwatch 2 is that its competitive matchmaking allows players to be matched with and against opponents with significantly different skill ranges. Even the official forum page of the game is packed with complaints from those dealing with this dilemma. While this was not necessarily present in the first iteration of the franchise, you could tell that Blizzard’s matchmaking system was always bound to be a disaster.

The studio has implemented the so-called 50% win rate in competitive matches, but the majority of matches in the second season have been blowouts. Players claimed that most of their matches were almost impossible to win. It is not even a question of their skills but rather one player in the draft or lobby is dragging the entire team. Keep in mind, too, that the game has stopped displaying player ranks and career profiles by default, now set to private. This obviously makes it harder for players to identify which team member has the worse stats and was causing them to lose in the first place.

When matchmaking in Overwatch 2 works as intended, obviously, everyone is happy. But when players are matched against others with a huge difference in skill range? That is a different story and gives birth to toxicity in chat. Why? That is because players are unhappy with their matches and they always look for someone to blame.

Obviously, there is a lot of fixing Blizzard needs to apply in Overwatch 2’s matchmaking system. Good thing is, they are 100% aware of the situation. While one can understand the studio’s attempt in lessening toxicity in-game, it should have been done in a way that the competitive matchmaking system is not affected. In a way, the solutions the studio introduced have only defeated its purpose. Since players are matched with those far outside of their skill range, they become frustrated in chats – toxicity ensues.

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