Overwatch 2 New Event Set to Immortalize Best-Performing Hero in Ilios

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A new event has just arrived in Overwatch 2 and it is called Battle of Olympus.
A new event has just arrived in Overwatch 2 and it is called Battle of Olympus. Blizzard

Blizzard has been non-stop in releasing content after content ever since Overwatch 2 was launched. Obviously, fans and players alike are benefiting from this, but now, the studio has introduced a limited-time free-for-all event. Here is everything about it.

The new Overwatch 2 event is called Battle for Olympus, which is basically a deathmatch event. Players are given the chance to play as one of the seven chosen heroes in the game but with a catch: they are dressed up as iconic figures from Greek mythology.

The aforementioned event is scheduled from January 5 to January 19 and everyone is free to join. As with every new event, players can also obtain new rewards and skins as incentives for joining. However, there is more to just being part of the event, and getting a chance to acquire skins and rewards while at it.

According to the official Twitter page of Overwatch 2, the number of eliminations during the Battle for Olympus will be tallied on a global leaderboard. The hero who ends up getting the highest total number of eliminations as the event progresses will be celebrated with an immortalized statue in one of the in-game maps called Ilios.

While the event will run for a limited time, the developers did not give out information as to how long the statue will be immortalized. There are two ways the studio could go about this though. The featured statue of the immortalized hero will change whenever a new hero winner is on the horizon, or the studio will immortalize the overall winner by the end of the event.

Blizzard also revealed that they will keep the community posted about the progress of the tally board via “Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and TikTok Stories.” So if you want to be updated, make sure to check out the studio’s social media pages every now and then.

Regardless of how Blizzard would go about the immortalization, it is definitely interesting to see which Overwatch 2 hero will earn the prize of being immortalized in Ilios. For now, fans will just have to wait and see.

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