Blade Symphony: Patch 7 Restores Steam Workshop Support

Blade Symphony
Blade Symphony Steam

Blade Symphony is a fun 1v1 or 2v2 tactical sword-fighting game where you pick one of five classes available, each with its specialties. The Phalanx, for example, is a pretty balanced class that has a wide array of side attacks. He is also proficient at poking enemies from a distance, thanks to his ability to perform long-range stabs.

Additionally, you have several weapons at your disposal. For instance, if you want to chain combos quickly and easily, the Jian is a great one for that.

Anyway, developer Puny Human launched a fresh update to start the new year. Patch 7 restores support for items that you can get from the Steam Workshop. Most of the items from the platform should now be visible to you.

Furthermore, the company has added an option that allows you to automatically delete all of the unsubscribed workshop content from your PC. This is a godsend as you no longer need to delete them one by one from your disk.

Patch 7 re-integrates the global leaderboard for Blade Symphony. On top of that, you’ll not only find the global rank when viewing other players, but you will see a nice shiny league icon as well.

Patch Notes

  • Restored support for using items from the Steam Workshop.
    • Added support for previewing local workshop items in-game before they are published (other players see default items).
    • Masks no longer require the head bone to be their root bone, allowing for cosmetics attached to the neck and shoulders.
    • Updated to latest SteamUGC implementation.
  • Re-integrated global leaderboard stats tracking.
    • Updated the scoreboard to show the player’s avatar more predominantly and to display their global rank.
  • Changed the duel intro box to display the sword type rather than the sword name.
  • Updated engine interfaces for improved SourceMod compatibility.
  • Changed server queries to use Steam standards.
  • Re-added the backdrop behind the loading screen logo.
  • Added server-side console variables controlling whether duel replays and slow motion occur.
  • Removed GSLT requirement on dedicated servers.
  • Added support for binary PCF particle files.
  • Fixed some unused internal texture system functionality eating video memory.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when scanning for voice chat devices.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when entering a duel.
  • Fixed SourceMod HUD menu not receiving input.
  • Fixed several warnings and notifications that would appear in the developer console.
  • Fixed several bugs with multi-threaded model loading.
  • Fixed the published workshop items page showing subscribed items too.
  • Fixed the game entering an invalid state after editing a workshop item.
  • Fixed text clipping with buttons on the character customization page.
  • Updated SFML.

Blade Symphony Patch 7 is available on PC.

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