Blade & Soul Revolution Welcomes Everyone to Skyforest Plateau Training Ground

Blade & Soul New Training Ground
Prepare for some training. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Blade & Soul Revolution which introduces players to the Skyforest Plateau training ground, an area where they can hunt monsters at higher levels. They can also spend more stamina here and gain XP with high efficiency.

That's not the only new thing in the game. PvP improvements have been made to Chained Island, with the minimum number of players needed for matching now decreased. This should be good news for those who want to play more matches. In addition, playtime is shortened to make sure that play fatigue is lowered.

Players should also be happy to know that they can now experience the Hongmoon Aura Phase Expansion. This is because of the Tier of Zenith, Battleheart, and Fury of Hongmoon Aura (can be added up to 10 tiers), live in-game. Meanwhile, potential enhancement has been expanded and is now five tiers.

What else is new? There's also Blessing which players can use to grow Ancient Equipment, and the Radiant Legendary Hunt type Relic for higher stats and special options.

This update includes new in-game events as well:

  • Fireworks Arena Competition
    • Get the Revolution Summoning Chest that can be used to gain Ancient Weapon, Accessory Design, and Radiant Legendary Weapon/Accessory.
  • Fireworks Daily Prayer
    • Complete missions, like clearing dungeons, to get the Flame Festival Chest and Wishing Flame.
  • How to Use the Altar of Prayers
    • Once players complete the crafting Flame Festival Chest, they can earn Wishing Flame and Flame Fragment as rewards.

Take a Screenshot

There are also ongoing events. Take a screenshot of the Skyforest Plateau, for example, for the chance to claim rewards like the Radiant Enhancement Stone Bundle 2 x5. This bundle contains 10 Radiant Weapon Enhancement Stones, 10 Radiant Accessory Enhancement Stones, and 10 Radiant Relic Enhancement Stones.

Players can take a screenshot of Flame Festival Altar of Prayers as well for a chance to win Wishing Flame x135. This is a usable item for increasing the Altar of Prayers points.

Both events run from June 8 to June 21 with winners to be revealed on June 26.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world mobile RPG available on Google Play and App Store.

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