Blade & Soul Revolution Adds Qi Blade Champion to the Roster

A new hero has arrived.
A new hero has arrived. Netmarble

A new update is now live in Blade & Soul Revolution which adds a new playable character. It also marks the first-ever content collaboration with none other than the virtual K-Pop group known as MAVE.

This new update introduces an original class playable character called Qi Blade Champion. This melee-type hero can summon blades for ranged attacks and also gain an advantage with Bichun and Invisible Steps. Plus, they can utilize Ghostly Blade and defend against enemies effectively.

For the new collaboration, players can now drop by MAVE: Village and interact with NPCs of this village. Doing this gives them a buff which can increase Battle XP gain by 5%.

Earn Red Crystals

As part of the update, players can now access the Red Crystal Special Shop, open for a limited time, and various in-game check-in events to earn Red Crystals.

Here are some of the in-game events:

  • Red Crystal Claim Coupon Notice
    • Duration: April 6 to May 2
    • Enter red crystal claim code during the event period to claim rewards.
      • Coupon Code: BSGRED
    • Coupon Reward
      • Red Crystal x20,000
  • Qi Blade Champion Red Crystal 28-Day Check-In
    • Duration: April 6 until the mid-May update arrives.
    • Claim accumulated login rewards by logging in to the game during the event period.
  • Red Crystal Special Shop
    • Duration: April 6 until the early June update arrives.
    • Trade items at the Red Crystal Special Shop tab with Red Crystals in the event shop.

Spring Flower Festival

Players can also celebrate spring with the Spring Flower Festival from April 6 until the early May update arrives. It's divided into four weekly missions:

  • 1st week mission
    • Starts April 6
  • 2nd week mission
    • Starts April 10
  • 3rd week mission
    • Starts April 17
  • 4th week mission
    • Starts April 24

Missions and rewards:

  • Mission: Craft Fixed Forgestone 0/100
    • Reward: Super Gem Chest x2
  • Mission: Enter Tower of Spirits 0/90min
    • Reward: Super Gem Chest x2
  • Mission: Use Radiant Enhancement Stones to successfully enhance from +4 to +6 0/3
    • Reward: Super Gem Chest x2
  • Mission: Purchase Bamboo Trap Chest 0/10
    • Reward: Super Gem Chest x2
  • Mission: Complete all missions
    • Reward: Premium Legendary Restoration Stone Selection Chest x1

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world mobile RPG based on the PC online game Blade & Soul. The mobile version remains true to its PC roots by offering high-level full 3D graphics with large-scale content, revamped to perform better on mobile devices.

Blade & Soul Revolution is available on Android and iOS.

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