Blade & Soul Revolution Unlocks Ebondrake Cult Secret Hall Dungeon

Blade & Soul New Dungeon
Take on the dungeon and earn rewards. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Blade & Soul Revolution, and it boasts fresh content, including the new dungeon known as the Ebondrake Cult Secret Hall. Players can enter the dungeon and cooperate with other parties to block the attacks from the Demon Lord Jinchin and get Radiant Demon Lord Jinchin.

To unlock the dungeon, players have to complete Other Realm Act 5 Chapter 2 [Return to Quantian Village] Quest. To enter the dungeon, players should look for "dungeon manager Dae Hae" in Raon Sanctuary.

Dungeon Auction

Players can also try out the new Dungeon Auction. What happens is that when players complete dungeons, they participate in a bidding by using Silvers and Black Crystals. During the bidding, they can get as many as three additional items.

Improvement and Balances

In addition to new content, players can look forward to the improved Process Soulstone. They can now use their Soulstones from Faction War to get different items to upgrade their equipment.

There are improvements as well for 10 classes, including Assassin, Blade Master, and Soul Fighters. Meanwhile, Hongmoon has been expanded to level 90.

New Items

Players get access to the new Special Healing Tonic, usable from Hongmoon level 20 and above. This one heals more HP than Super Healing Tonics.

Another new item is the Greater Aura of Dragon, claimed through Loot Auction. It applies a buff that can last for 20 minutes.

New In-Game Events

In celebration of the update, players should join in these in-game events:

  • New Carnation Coin Shop
    • Players can exchange Carnation Coins obtained from other events with the Super Ancient Restoration Stone Selection Chest and Outfit Design: [Dream World].
  • Ebondrake Cult Secret Hall - Operation: Rescue Soha
    • Check in the game or complete in-game missions, such as clearing the seasonal dungeon, to get the New Carnation Summon Pouch and Super Gem Chest.
  • Defeat Demon Lord Jinchin
    • Complete in-game missions, including Enter Merged Dungeon, to obtain the Super Secret Technique Scroll and Legendary Fragment.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world mobile RPG based on the PC online game Blade & Soul.The mobile version remains true to its PC roots by offering high-level full 3D graphics with large-scale content, revamped to perform better on mobile devices.

Blade & Soul Revolution is available on Android and iOS.

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