Unreal Engine 4 Game Update Coming to Blade & Soul on September 8

Lots of improvements coming soon.
Lots of improvements coming soon. NCSOFT

Good news for Blade & Soul players. The Unreal Engine 4 game update is arriving on September 8. With this, expect an upgrade on the graphics and optimization in game performance and network. There will also be new systems added. This update will go live in the Americas and Europe.

The Problem

Currently, the game is running on a single-core engine. Because of this, it was difficult to implement a lot of things like sophisticated UI and even detailed and realistic visuals. The capabilities of the engine were also limited.

Naturally, the problem negatively impacted user experience. In particular, the more burden is placed on the engine, the worse the user experience is. This is one reason for long loading screens. In addition, the game could also no longer handle complex cinematics.

Some of the Changes

One of the changes coming with the new update is the Asynchronous Loading. What this does is to pre-load locations that the game estimates where the character will arrive at before their actual arrival.

Optimization is another aspect of the update. Under the current engine, the game needed to express whatever the player saw, even if the objects were far away. That meant resources were being wasted due to visualizing unnecessary data. With the update, the priority is to visualize the closest objects, and hopefully, should lead to a more stable performance.

New Player Class

The new update to the game engine isn’t the only one dropping on September 8. A new player class called the Dual Blade is also set to arrive.

As the name implies, this class carries two sharp blades that allow it to slice and dice its way against enemies. This class is the best example of the "best defense is a good offense." It is the 14th class to be introduced and has two specializations. Learn more about this new class here.

Blade & Soul is available on PC.

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