Black Lightning Gives Arrowverse Its Best Costume Yet

Black Lightning premieres Jan. 16.
Black Lightning premieres Jan. 16. CW / Player.One

When the CW first announced Black Lightning, it was unclear if Anissa Pierce would suit up as her alter ego, Thunder. Thanks to a photo shared on the Black Lightning Twitter account, we now know Anissa Pierce will follow in her father’s footsteps as a vigilante. Even more exciting? She has the flyest superhero suit in the whole Arrowverse.

Black Lightning arrives Jan. 16.
Black Lightning arrives Jan. 16. CW

What stands out about Thunder’s costume is the high collar, which reminds me of Black Lightning’s original costume during Tony Isabella’s first run with the character (certainly with a modern upgrade, similar to DC Nation’s suit). The gold chest, shoulder, belt and wrist pieces fit exactly like Thunder’s suit in The Outsiders. It’s slimmer than Black Lightning’s CW suit (thank god) and the whole look is embellished with gold trim and jewels, which makes Thunder’s costume hands-down the best in the Arrowverse. Shout out to Gambi, who probably designed this costume if the series is anything like the comics.

Thunder in The Outsiders.
Thunder in The Outsiders. DC
Black Lightning and Thunder.
Black Lightning and Thunder. DC

In addition to the photo, a trailer gives insight into Anissa’s (Nafessa Williams) relationship with her 16-year-old sister, Jennifer. Anissa teaches at the local high school Jennifer (China Ann McClain) attends. The youngster, who is developing electromagnetic powers of her own, is apparently getting into trouble and hanging with the wrong crowd. From the few lines we see in the new footage, the chemistry between the two actresses is on point and they’ll bond over their overprotective father.

Aside from Thunder, Black Lightning has the only other suit we’ve seen so far in the series. Considering Jennifer (a.k.a. Lightning) has yet to fully develop her powers, a costume seems further in her future. It will be interesting to see if Black Lightning has more street-level heroes and villains like Green Arrow, or more costumed heroes and villains like The Flash. Perhaps a mix of both? It’s easier for Green Arrow to fight less powerful villains because he doesn’t have special abilities. Black Lightning can’t really get away with that considering he can get pretty vicious with little effort.

Black Lightning has the wildest suit in the Arrowverse.
Black Lightning has the wildest suit in the Arrowverse. CW

What other costumed heroes are you hoping to see in Black Lightning? Are you happy with Thunder’s suit? Let us know in the comments. Black Lightning premieres Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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