Black Desert Online: Recent Changes for Character Movements Reverted in Latest Update

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The latest update for Black Desert Online is now available for download. This patch brought a lot of balancing adjustments, including some major changes to Corsair and Drakania.

But before that, developer Pearl Abyss has reverted the recent modifications for character movement in Black Desert Online . For those who don’t know, character movement was made slower to simulate how people move in the real world. However, players were not happy with this because it just feels weird. So, the company decided to scrap all of the movement changes due to community feedback.

Now onto some class balancing. The Corsair’s “Pirate’s Life for Me” ability has been tweaked in that it can now be used even during cooldown. However, this is only true for the active part of the ability, where the Corsair stabs the enemy with a harpoon. The bonuses to AP and critical hit rate will not be applied.

Drakania’s Hexeblood Form has been vastly improved as well. For instance, Flow: Obliterate is now a standalone skill and players can use the Shift+E command to execute the ability. Furthermore, the damage of Hexeblood: Crackling Flame has increased from 1,023% to a whopping 1,262%.

Here are the other balancing adjustments:

  • Waltz of Wind (I to III)
    • Added the following effects to the skill:
    • Ranged AP +6/8/10 for 10 sec when using the skill
  • Ground Lifting (I to III)
    • Added the following effects to the skill:
    • Attack Speed +10/15/20% for 10 sec when using the skill
  • Blasting
    • Fixed the issue of not being able to activate Blasting via Quick Slot.
  • Wind-piercer Patraca
    • Improved to always fire quickly when activated using this skill.
  • Crow’s Mark
    • Increased activation speed when using Crow's Mark at the spot.
    • Improved so the action links smoothly when it combos with Pirate's Life For Me after using the skill.
    • Changed Crow's Mark (I to III) damage and Critical Hit Rate:
    • I to III attack damage 1032/1205/1400% > 1106/1292/1501%
    • Critical Hit Rate 15/20/25% > 15/25/35%
  • Flow: Earth-render Patraca
    • Increased skill's activation speed.
  • Cap’n’s Orders: Cease Fire!
    • Increased skill's activation speed.
    • Changed skill's damage and PvP Damage Reduction Rate:
    • Attack damage 1,479% > 1,553%
    • PvP Damage Reduction Rate: 55% > 51%
  • Legacy
    • Removed SHIFT + E from the Legacy skill command.
    • SHIFT + E is now a command for Flow: Obliterate.
    • Increased all AP increase effects in Dragonblood form from 15 to 25.
    • Increased all AP increase effects in Hexeblood form from 10 to 20.
    • Fixed the issue where in certain situations, all AP increase effects would stack.
  • Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale
    • Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale has had the following updates.
    • Removed the first attack of the skill, and balanced the dealt damage accordingly.
    • Movement distance has been increased for when Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale is used after Refraction or Dragonwalk.
  • Sundering Roar
    • The Stun effect of a successful first attack has been changed to a Knockdown effect.
    • The damage dealt by the first and second attacks are now the same.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Black Desert Online is available on PC.

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