Black Desert Online: Arena of Solare Preseason Now Underway in Latest Update

December 28 Update
December 28 Update Twitter/@NewsBlackDesert

Black Desert Online, the popular action MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss, has a new update that kicks off the Arena of Solare pre-season.

For those who don’t know, Arena of Solare is a 3v3 PvP mode in Black Desert Online where two teams will fight each other in a best-of-five series. Players will be using some exclusive gear to level the playing field.

That said, the pre-season of Arena of Solare is now open, with players having one week to get acquainted with it before the regular season begins on January 4.

New items and crystals have been added to make the upcoming regular season of the tournament more appealing. For instance, the new Stormy Eye Belt not only provides 100 HP when worn, but it gives an additional 80 long tons to the players’ weight limit as well.

Stormy Eye Belt
Stormy Eye Belt Pearl Abyss

The Peaceful Vagabond’s Earring is also another item worth noting. That’s because it has a unique effect where it recovers the player’s Black Spirit Rage by 1% every 10 seconds.

Peaceful Vagabond's Earring
Peaceful Vagabond's Earring Pearl Abyss

As for crystals, players might want to get their hands on the new Time Spirit’s Crystal - Perforation. This crystal increases the player’s attack speed and casting speed by 5%, and it ignores enemy resistances by 7% as well.

Time Spirit's Crystal - Perforation
Time Spirit's Crystal - Perforation Pearl Abyss


  • Changed how to obtain loot after defeating world bosses.
    • Added effects to the loot obtained when defeating world bosses.
    • You can obtain loot upon defeating the monster after approx 10 sec and also immediately obtain loot by clicking the box icon.
  • Added Recently learned knowledge function to the Knowledge (H) menu.
    • You can check up to 10 Knowledge entries. The latest entry will appear at the top.
    • Applied scroll function and increased font size so it's easier to read knowledge descriptions.
  • Fixed so items that can be reformed are sorted by "highest item grade" in Item Reform.
  • Fixed so party members that are not logged in or logged into other servers don't show during Ensemble.
  • Added (exp↑+) icon which can be viewed on Server Selection and Change Server screen.
  • Added color emphasis to the text that appears upon entering Elvia Realm.
    • Additionally, all NPCs and normal monsters that have not been infested by Hadum will not appear.
  • Removed text regarding Fishing Rod and Matchlock repair from the Low Durability notification.
  • Additionally, all NPCs and normal monsters that have not been infested by Hadum will not appear.
  • Added a level display to the monster zone icon on the World Map (M).

So, are you going to participate in the Arena of Solare in Black Desert Online?

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