Black Desert Online: Recent Changes Allow More Parties to Loot the Blue Whale

December 27 Update
December 27 Update Twitter/@NewsBlackDesert

The highly popular MMORPG Black Desert Online got a new update recently that might make Blue Whale hunters happy.

Blue Whale is one of the world bosses in Black Desert Online. Instead of fighting it using the usual gears that players use on land, taking down the Blue Whale requires a boat and a musket, with the latter dealing the damage.

Previously, only the top five groups that inflicted the greatest amount of damage were allowed to loot the Blue Whale's carcass, regardless of how many players flocked to it when it spawned.

In the game’s most recent update, the number of parties now permitted to loot its carcass has been increased to 20! There’s one catch: all parties are still required to reach the minimum damage threshold. Otherwise, they won’t have the opportunity to get what the Blue Whale offers.

Another change worth noting is that items that the Blue Whale drops are no longer affected by item quantity. Instead, the chance of acquiring them is increased across the board.

Here are the items that are affected:

Sharp Black Crystal Shard
  • Rate: Increased by approximately 8.3 times
  • Quantity: Increased by approximately 1.6 times
Hard Black Crystal Shard
  • Rate: Increased by approximately 3.3 times
  • Quantity: Increased by approximately 3 times
Black Gem Fragment
  • Rate: Increased 20 times
  • Quantity: Increased 8.75 times
Blue Whale Molar
  • Rate: Increased 1.5 times
  • Quantity: Same as before

Once the first whale has been defeated, two additional Blue Whales will spawn one after another. So, those who did not have a chance to get anything from the first one can still try their luck on the second and third.

  • [Valkyrie, Nova, Corsair, Drakania, Woosa] Fixed the issue of showing a different icon for Barrack Eyepatch.
  • First the Platoon Leader's name color in the party/platoon UI displayed abnormally in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue of building or land images not loading properly in some graphics when logging in the game for the first time.
  • Fixed the issue of Plywood Hardener name not being written properly for some plywood processing materials in the Processing Knowledge List of Simple Alchemy (L).
  • Fixed the issue of Ator's appearance displaying abnormally in certain situations during the tutorial.
  • Fixed the following in the Mountain of Eternal Winter questline:
    • Fixed the issue of Erebjork appearance sometimes displaying abnormally during [Everfrost] Guardian of Flame.
    • Fixed the issue of Jordine's appearance displaying abnormally in certain situations during [Everfrost] Betrayal.
  • Fixed the issue of a specific place in the Blue Maned Lion's Manor displaying abnormally.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to gather Truffle Mushrooms that appear in certain locations.
  • Fixed the issue of this NPC displaying abnormally when greeting Shir Waklo of Abun Village.

Black Desert Online December 28 Update is available on PC.

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