Black Desert Mobile: Latest Update Introduces New Difficulty Level

Think you can take on the challenge?
Think you can take on the challenge? Pearl Abyss

A new update is now live in Black Desert Mobile which introduces a lot of new content. One of these is offering veteran players the chance to take on a great challenge. Top-tier players are once again invited back to the Great Desert: Shahzad and see if they can survive a new difficulty level filled with tougher monsters. In return, they receive greater riches and rewards.

Players can also take on the challenge faster because there's now a way to travel faster. This is thanks to the beautiful white horse with a golden mane known as the Diné. This is the second Doom Horse to be introduced in the game and can speed across the terrain faster than the current options like camel and elephant. There's also the Quantum Jump where players can teleport when interacting with a Black Rock Shrine in the desert.

This new update now allows players to enhance runes that they've collected to power up even more.

New Story

This new update also introduces to players a new Drieghan story titled "Drieghan: Rise of the Sherekhan." It's going to be available to those who finish "Akum's Memorial Statue."

Those who can complete this new story can get new Knowledge for Characters, Topography, Adventures, and Academics.

Danger in the Desert

Players can also look forward to the new Great Desert Field Boss known as Apocros. It is said that the Fallen Wanderer Apocros was discovered in a new realm of the Great Desert although its exact origin and identity remains a mystery even to this day. He was said to have flown above the desert long ago but for some unknown reasons it crashed into the Great Desert.

Since then, Apocros has attacked all living beings that dared cross its path which resulted in the desert skies being filled with lingering fear. This has become a problem for Valencia which declared that those who can defeat Apocros and procure loot are to be given a reward.

Learn more about what the new update has to offer here.

Black Desert Mobile was first released in February 2018 but limited to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. An English version was later released in December 2019. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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