Black Desert Mobile: Latest Update Unlocks a New Difficulty Level for the Great Desert

Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile Pearl Abyss

Are you having trouble fighting the monsters in the Great Desert? Conversely, is your character strong enough that you barely touch any of the enemies in the said area? Well, those things are addressed in Black Desert Mobile’s latest update.

New Difficulty

The developers have added a new difficulty level for the Great Desert known as “Torme.” Before you can enter, you need to complete the recently added “Aal’s Test.” This particular questline is available to you once you’ve completed the Black Spirit Awakening Quest and after receiving the “Guardian of the Desert Title.” You can obtain the title by defeating Aakmans.

There are some things to keep in mind. First is that the recommended CP for monsters and temples found in the Great Desert: Torme will increase relative to Great Desert: Imur. Hence, the rewards that you can obtain will increase as well.

Second, certain areas such as the Temple of Ohm and Souad Garden will not be affected by the increased difficulty level. Lastly, you cannot change the difficulty if you are already inside the Great Desert.

Great Desert: Torme
Great Desert: Torme Pearl Abyss

Update Highlights

  • Star Heart
    • Removed "10% chance to evade enemy’s attack when hit"
    • Added the effect of "Evasion applied when preparing next skill" to [Star's Breath]. (Not applied when entering Arena)
  • Royal Fencing: Lunge
    • Fixes have been made so that [Royal Fencing: Lunge] can be used continuously
    • Added "Reduce remaining cooldown by 3 sec on hit"
  • Overheat
    • "Decrease PvP Damage Received by 20%" has been added
    • "Increase Damage against monsters by 15%" has been added
  • Hellraiser
    • "Super Armor" has been improved to "Invincible while jumping" and "Super Armor while attacking" when using skill
    • Combo into [To the Grave] to increase [To the Grave] skill damage by 20%
Void Knight
  • Eclipse
    • "Super Armor" while using the skill has been changed so that it can be applied in Arena
    • [Reduce Cooldown] has been changed to [Flow: Eradicate]
  • Flow: Eradicate
    • 110% of [Eclipse] skill damage applied
    • Recover 12 MP on hit
  • Fixed the abnormally low HP of King Griffon
  • Changed the method of obtaining contribution according to the amount of damage dealt to King Griffon
    • Before: Contribution is given to the 1st to 5th place individual adventurers according to how much damage was dealt to King Griffon.
    • After: Contribution is given to the 1st to 5th place guilds according to how much damage was dealt to King Griffon
Great Desert
  • Improved to be able to move while excavating after riding on a Royal Elephant
  • If the distance from Excavation is increased, the excavation will fail and no stamina will be consumed

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

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