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If you’ve always wanted to try Black Desert but are not sure if it’s worth your money, now is the time to get the game. It’s available on Steam for free, but don’t take too long to decide since the promotion is only valid until April 14.

Black Desert is a sandbox living-world MMORPG that was released in 2016. It was initially offered on PC but versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released in 2019. A mobile version titled Black Desert Mobile was launched also in 2019 on Android and iOS.

New Expansion

This is also a good time to jump into the game considering that the latest expansion just went live. The Eternal Winter brings the newest region in the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

The new region is said to be the area where the legends of Labreska, the Golden Dragon, originated from. It's Located south of Drieghan and can be reached by traveling rightwards from Duvencrune. It's named "eternal winter" because of the constant snowfall and powerful snowstorms.

One of the things that players need to look out for in this region is that continued exposure to the chilling environment can result in frostbite. However, players who have the Citron Tea and Well-brewed Mesima Tea drinks don’t need to worry too much about getting frostbite. Both items need to be crafted and once taken, can cure frostbite.

Why go to this region you ask? There are items like minerals, ores, timber, and other crafting materials, which can only be found here. These same items can be processed into trade goods. Of course, one would need the Wood Workbench.

Now despite the rather harsh environment, the mountain has its own regional cuisine. Not only that, but there are also buff items such as perfumes, potions, and elixirs. In addition to the cuisine, players can also get powerful crystals that offer different effects by defeating monsters.

Learn more about the expansion here. If you’re interested in trying the game, get it here.

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