Black Desert Online Offering Special Login Rewards in Celebration of 6th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary! Pearl Abyss

Special Login Rewards are being offered in Black Desert Online in celebration of its sixth anniversary. The game was released in North America back in March 2016 on PC. This special event starts tomorrow and runs until April 6.

The rewards are:

  • Day 1: [Event] Value Pack (20 Days) x1
  • Day 2: [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (20 Days) x1
  • Day 3: [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (20 Days) x1
  • Day 4: Mount Skill Change Coupon x6
  • Day 5: Contract: [Storage Maid] Fairy Irene x1
  • Day 6: Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon x1
  • Day 7: Custom Buff Box x1
  • Day 8: [Event] Elion's Blessing x10
  • Day 9: Cron Stone x100
  • Day 10: Wizard Gosphy x1
  • Day 11: [Event] Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon x1
  • Day 12: Contract: [Transaction Maid] Fairy Irene x1
  • Day 13: Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon x1
  • Day 14: [Event] Treasurable Memories Classic Box x1
  • Day 15: [Event[ Artisan's Memory x66
  • Day 16: Cron Stone x100
  • Day 17: [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box x1
  • Day 18: [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (20 Days) x1
  • Day 19: Sealed Book of Life (20 Days) x1
  • Day 20: Advice of Valks (+80) x1
  • Day 21: [Event] Shakatu's Resplendent Box x1

Special Event

There's also a special event that starts today, February 23, until March 9. For the duration of the event, Garmoth and Vell are going to have six extra spawns, and the rewards are worth it. For example, those able to defeat Vell during the event can get either the [Event] Vell Reward Bundle (Advanced) or the [Event] Vell Reward Bundle (Intermediate). Meanwhile, beating the Crimson Dragon Garmoth rewards Caphras Stone x50 as loot.

Ongoing Event

The special events celebrating the anniversary are indeed fun. However, there’s another event still running that players can also join, called Lucky Chocolates. What players need to do is finish playtime Challenges during the event to win [Event] Box Full O' Love x1. This event ends March 9, and you learn more about it here.

New Expansion

Aside from the anniversary celebration, Pearl Abyss released a teaser trailer for the upcoming expansion Eternal Winter. You can watch it below:

The expansion is coming out this April and it has a lot of new content to offer like a new region.

Black Desert Online is available on PC.

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