Black Desert Online to Release Eternal Winter Expansion on April 6

Prepare for winter.
Prepare for winter. Pearl Abyss

A new expansion is arriving in Black Desert on April 6. The Eternal Winter expansion is set to introduce four new monster zones and a new item.

This upcoming expansion focuses on the Mountain of Eternal Winter, located on the South of Drieghan covered by continuous snowfall. Those who attempt to reach its peak soon discover that the snowstorms only get fiercer as the climb gets higher. Players also need to watch out for Frostbite. This debuff slowly drains health unless they warm themselves. Then, there’s also the golden dragon known as Labreska.

One of the things players can expect in the new expansion is a new item called Labreska’s Helmet. It’s an item equal in status to the Fallen God’s Armor. To get the item, players need to obtain its key crafting material, the Flame of Frost, at the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

Meanwhile, the new Monster Zones are:

  • Murrowak's Labyrinth
    • Once a rich and plentiful iron mine, this area has been overrun by Queen Vercedes and her loyal legion of Murrowaks.
  • Jade Starlight Forest
    • This is the home of the Okjinsini, said to be born from the tears of Labreska.
    • Something has caused the Okjinsini to behave differently.
  • Erebjork, The Dreadwinter Guardian
    • Erebjork is actually a being that players can encounter on the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
    • The clue to her arrival is often in the form of a blizzard.
  • ​Winter Tree Fossils
    • The Mountain of Eternal Winter is dotted with Winter Tree Fossils.
    • It’s said that interacting with these trees brings forth spirits consumed by unknown darkness.

Pre-Order Now

Before the new expansion arrives, players have the chance to get their hands on the Eternal Winter Expansion package. It's being offered at a discount from March 10 to April 6. The package contains:

  • Can be obtained upon purchase
    • Game Pass
    • [Title]: Winter
    • [Event] Classic Outfit Box
    • Value Pack (30 Days)
    • Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Days)
    • Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days)
    • Inventory + 16 Expansion Coupon
  • Obtainable on April 6
    • Eternal Winter Outfit Box
    • Eternal Winter Pet
    • Eilton Storage +8 Expansion Coupon x2
    • Dragon's Blessing Box

Are you ready to face the Eternal Winter?

Black Desert Online is available on PC. The version for consoles is titled simply Black Desert.

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