The Binding of Isaac: Repentance Update v4.0.1 Makes Hard Mode Easier and Fixes Bugs

The Binding Of Isaac Repentance
The Binding Of Isaac Repentance DualShockers

Repentance, the final expansion pack The Binding of Isaac, was launched a few days ago. As you would expect from games nowadays, the DLC also added dozens of bugs so its developer, Nicalis, Inc, released a small patch to fix them. It also makes some balancing changes for both Normal and Hard modes.

First, you can now find max-level shops easier with a 50% higher rate in Hard mode. But the change would revert back in Normal mode. Second, tinted rocks are now more common in Hard mode, and as usual, the change would revert back in Normal mode.

And third, shops now have Restock Machines that can replace Donation Machines with a 25% chance. The rest of the changes are bug fixes and you can read about them in detail below.

General Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash caused by dying and reviving during the Rotgut fight.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Mucormycosis tears.
  • Reap Creep can no longer appear on the Scat Man challenge to reduce the likelihood of unfair softlocks.
  • Fixed I Found Pills causing Keeper, Apollyon, Blue Baby, and the Forgotten's head to disappear.
  • Fixed Chub and other bomb-eating bosses causing a crash when swallowing rockets.
  • Fixed being able to unlock Golden Razor by saving and resuming a run or by entering a certain area.
  • Fixed Doctor's Remote getting canceled when taking damage before the rocket hits the ground.
  • Fixed Delirium's death animation getting stuck in an endless loop when he dies while slowed or sped up.
  • Added a tentative fix for corrupted graphics caused by burrowing enemies on AMD graphics drivers.
  • Entering certain floors now attempts to place the player in a safe spot to prevent instant damage from any room hazards.
  • Fixed pickup animation getting stuck when using certain active items while holding a red bomb.
  • Fixed Bestiary entries for some Vis enemies that were missing graphics.
  • Touching certain fires no longer triggers Shard of Glass' bleed effect.
  • Touching certain fires no longer rerolls Eden.
  • Fixed an unintended interaction with certain fires and Pyromaniac.
  • Fixed a rare situation involving Eden tokens which could cause the character selection menu to be stuck on the wrong side.
  • Fixed a crash caused by using Dark Arts while having Midas' Touch.
  • Fixed Butter allowing single-use items to be reused endlessly.
  • Fixed Wormwood sometimes getting stuck underwater when slowed down.
  • Lightning flashes in Downpour have had their brightness reduced to accommodate for users with sensitive vision.

Book of Virtues Fixes:

  • Added D12 wisps.
  • Fixed Spin To Win wisps not dying as expected.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Box of Friends wisps.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by Diplopia wisps.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by Compost wisps.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by Stitches wisps.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by Ventricle Razor wisps.
  • Fixed interaction between wisps and BFFs.

Co-op Fixes:

  • Fixed infinite boss item respawn exploit.
  • Dead co-op players are now revived only when the end-of-floor boss is defeated.
  • Fixed challenge runs.
  • Fixed dead co-op player being able to unlock certain doors.
  • Fixed not being able to start co-op if Player 1 has one or fewer red hearts


  • Added several missing bestiary entries.
  • Updated various room layouts.
  • Updated sprites for Sins and Super Sins.

The complete patch notes are mentioned on Steam as well.

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