The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth New Balancing Changes in Repentance 1.7.9b

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Post-launch support for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Repentance doesn’t seem to end. The developer of the critically acclaimed indie game has released yet another patch. Patch 1.7.9b aims to further improve the game with a new series of balancing changes.

The starting stats of Tainted Cain are now the same as Cain’s, and the active-to-passive item ratio from TMTRAINER is changed from 1/2 to 1/4. New co-op babies have been added, and the Glowing Hourglass won’t be triggered by expansion packs anymore.

You can read about the rest of the changes below.

  • The Cantripped! challenge now only spawns active item cards, item cards can be swapped out when picking up new cards when all card slots are already full
  • Salvaging Tainted Cain's active item no longer spawns special drops in special rooms (such as secret rooms)
  • The fire aura granted by Breath of Life + Judas' Birthright no longer destroys projectiles
  • Glitch items can no longer destroy Cathedral light beams, ending chests and challenge trophies
  • Enemies respawned by the D7 no longer drop loot when killed if they were champions and no longer grant score in daily runs
  • Great Gideon's crawlspace no longer appears in the Ascent (as it crashed the game when entered)
  • Expansion Pack can no longer trigger the Glowing Hourglass
  • Items in the Death Certificate area now spawn as "option" items similarly to items in Boss Rush and Angel rooms - the player is automatically returned to the main floor whenever picking up an item would cause other items in the room to disappear
  • Added rubber banding to Star of Bethlehem - it now moves faster off screen when the player is ahead of it along the path to the boss room and slows down if the player is lagging behind
  • Star of Bethlehem now moves towards Mega Satan's room in the Chest and the Dark Room if its door was unlocked
  • Vanishing Twin is now shared by both of Tainted Lazarus' forms - this also fixes several bugs that occur when flipping while Vanishing Twin is copying a boss
  • Spindown Dice is now available in challenges and daily runs, items that are tagged to never appear in those modes are considered locked and will be skipped over
  • Bag of Crafting is now available in challenges and daily runs, as well as when playing as Tainted Lost
  • Bag of Crafting now obeys changes to item availability such as challenges, daily runs and Tainted Lost's adjusted item pools and will not craft items that cannot be normally obtained
  • Death Certificate now ignores changes to item availability caused by items or characters (i.e. Tainted Lost or Sacred Orb) and will only refrain from spawning items locked behind achievements or current game rules (challenges or daily runs)
  • Updated some of Eden's hair styles
  • Updated a few item qualities
  • Updated localization files

Check out the complete patch notes of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Repentance 1.7.9b on Steam.

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