The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Major Item Changes Implemented in Update 1.7.9

Repentance Update 1.7.9
Repentance Update 1.7.9 Twitter/@edmundmcmillen

Update 1.7.9, also known as the Repentance Update, is now available for the action RPG shooter The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This patch implements a ton of item changes.

The Death Certificate in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is an item that teleports the titular character into an expanded version of Home. This place contains copies of every item the player has unlocked thus far.

In the Repentance Update, players can now pick up items spawned from chests in the Death Certificate area without fear of leaving the place when doing so.

Another major change is that the Glowing Hourglass no longer has a cooldown. Instead, this item can be used up to three times per floor, after which, it functions as a regular Hourglass until Isaac enters a new room. This allows Isaac to use the Glowing Hourglass without downtime, so long as he enters a new floor once the three charges are all used up.

This next change is funny yet useful. The Black Bean now causes Isaac to fart multiple times in quick succession and leaves poisonous gas clouds in his wake, dealing damage to enemies that go near them.

Here are the other significant changes in Update 1.7.9:

  • C-Section fetuses now only deal 75% damage every 10 frames (from 100% damage every 8 frames)
  • Lil Dumpy now has a secondary, larger detection radius that can cause it to randomly trigger from nearby enemy projectiles
  • Increased the cooldown of D10 to 2 (from 1). It now devolves enemies instead of replacing them with a random enemy
  • Cain's Other Eye now follows Isaac and copies all tear modifiers/stats, but shoots in random cardinal directions and has -25% reduced damage
  • 20/20 now only decreases damage by -20% (from -25%)
  • Isaac's Tears now has an added +5 damage bonus applied to the tears
  • Sticky Bombs now cause white creep to splash on the ground, slowing enemies
  • Breath of Life now takes less time to activate and recharge. Upon blocking damage with perfect timing, it will release holy beams in four directions (similar to Salvation) and grant a brief shield effect
  • Athame no longer creates a black ring on damage taken, instead it adds a chance for the ring to spawn around killed enemies (scales with luck)
  • Betrayal no longer charms all enemies on damage taken, it now allows enemy projectiles to hit other enemies - when an enemy takes damage from an enemy projectile, it will attempt to target the enemy that fired it

The full patch notes can be found here.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Update 1.7.9 is now available on PC.

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