The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Update 1.7.8 Brings Tons of Gameplay Changes

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Steam

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the critically acclaimed indie title by Nicalis, received an important update yesterday. Patch 1.7.8 brings a plethora of gameplay changes and bug fixes. It also added "Something spooky" to Ashpit, but the developer didn’t reveal what it is, so I guess you will have to find that out yourself in-game.

We have mentioned the gameplay changes below.

  • Lazarus now reverts to his normal form when going to the next floor, gaining his extra life back if he lost it
  • Lazarus now gains a permanent +.5 damage up each time he turns into his revived form
  • Lazarus now only loses up to 1 heart container when turning into his revived form, this cannot bring him below 1 heart container
  • Increased the damage multiplier of Lazarus' revived form to 1.4 (from 1.2)
  • Mom’s Razor now blocks projectiles and can damage bosses
  • Camo Undies now grants +.5 speed while cloaked. When uncloaking, all nearby enemies take damage, and Isaac gains a brief tears + damage up
  • Lost Fly now deals damage less frequently (7 damage every 7 frames) but forces nearby enemies to target it
  • The D12 can now reroll most obstacles, including poop, spikes, and fireplaces, and can generate more varied obstacles
  • Lil Dumpy is now a follower and automatically produces a Butter Bean fart when an enemy or projectile is about to hit Isaac
  • Voodoo Head now improves curse room layouts/rewards
  • Reduced the devil price of The Nail, Bloody Lust, and Bloody Gust to 1 heart
  • Added Little Horn to the devil room pool (it was previously only there in Greed mode)
  • Added Guppy’s Eye to the curse room pool
  • Replaced Razor Blade with Blood Rights in the devil room pool
  • Replaced Mom’s Razor with Razor Blade in the curse room pool
  • Beggars no longer give Treasure Map, Compass, or Contract From Below in Greed mode
  • Added thick Odd Mushroom to the treasure room pools in Greed mode
  • Added Ball of Bandages to the silver treasure room pool in Greed mode
  • Removed Cube of Meat from most Greed mode pools except silver treasure/shop
  • Removed Dead Bird and Ouija Board from the devil room pool in Greed mode
  • Reduced the appearance rate of the devil room layout with only runes in Greed mode
  • Devil's Crown no longer affects the mirrored treasure room in Downpour II
  • Monster Manual can now grant Gemini and Psy Fly
  • Rooms containing pits in the Corpse can no longer be bloody
  • Red champion Monstro II now has faster attacks, but also slightly reduced health
  • Added unique champion sprites for bosses
  • Added visual and audio feedback for Backstabber’s effect
  • Added more new room layouts
  • Updated various item qualities
  • Updated localization files

You can know more about the changes on Steam.

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