Bethesda Releases Official Roadmap For Rage 2 Content

Featuring both free and paid DLCs.
The crazy marketing campaign continues for Bethesda and Rage 2.
The crazy marketing campaign continues for Bethesda and Rage 2. Bethesda

2019 is officially the year of content roadmaps, as Bethesda now joins the fray for their upcoming title, Rage 2.

The game is not even out yet, and we have already been shown what we can expect for future updates, both free and paid, for the open-world first-person shooter. The roadmap covers everything from the month of release up to fall of this year, although we may see even more content beyond that point. The roadmap was officially unveiled on Rage 2’s Twitter page:

We can expect a truckload of content for Rage 2 in the coming months, beginning with its launch this May. The Wasteland Challenges will be introduced later this month alongside new weapon skins. May also sees the release of Rage 2’s first World Event, called ‘Bring the Ruckus.’ Bethesda has yet to release any details regarding what the challenges are and what the world event entails, so be sure to stick around for more information on that.

June will see the arrival of the Day 30 update, which is expected to be big. We may see various fixes and post-game content not limited to the roadmap dropped here, which is understandable since Rage 2 is rolling as what is popularly known as a ‘games as a service’ model. June will also herald a new World Event called ‘Mech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.’ This update comes with a new ride for players to enjoy. Also included are new Wasteland challenges, more weapon skins, and – color me surprised – cheat codes.

July offers a brand-new ride for players, a one-wheeler type. It’s not specified what it could be, so stay tuned for more information to come. There’s also a new World Event called ‘Global Worming’ and the inclusion of a brand-new enemy type.

August sees more Wasteland Challenges, more weapon skins, and another World Event – the Mutant Derby. August also plays host to Rage 2's first paid DLC expansion called ‘Rise of the Ghosts.’ For buyers of both the Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition of the game, Rise of the Ghosts is a free DLC. Bethesda has not made it known if they will offer season passes on upcoming DLCs, so we'll have to wait for further content roadmaps soon. The remainder of fall offers a new World Event called ‘Rageisode 2: Attack of the Drones’, in addition to another paid DLC, plus more challenges, weapon skins, and a new enemy.

If you’re wondering which of the content is free, Bethesda has noted this too. All World Events, the Day 30 update, select weapon skins, cheat codes, Wasteland Challenges and one-wheeler type vehicles will be absolutely free for all players.

Rage 2 is set to be released this Tuesday, May 14. Stay tuned for more information regarding its upcoming content in the weeks to come.

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