The Best TV Fuck-Ups Of 2017

Best TV F Ups 2017A
The most weirdest, dumbest, or most beautiful shows you didn't watch in 2017. Player.One

This isn’t a list of the worst TV shows of 2017. Either the TV show itself fucked up just enough to not make all the “best of” lists, or you’re fucked up for not watching it. Who needs another top 10 list that includes Mr. Robot, Legion, Insecure, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks and all the undeniably amazing shows of 2017? We don’t need to prove we have good taste. Instead, these are the shows (in no particular order) that had success in one way or the other, even if they were only popular because of a Toblerone meme.

The Get Down

Watch five minutes of this show and you’ll know the creators are geniuses. But even though we recognize the vision, Part 2 wasn’t executed very well. This isn’t to say it’s not an amazing show. There’s beauty in imperfection. 

American Vandal

Dicks, dicks and more dicks. The first half of American Vandal is an easy watch—it’s so ridiculous you want it to be true. But once you hit the second to last episode, the show lacks a lasting impact.

Neo Yokio

Alright, look. This show is embarrassing to any hardcore anime fan. But for everyone jumping on the anime bandwagon, don't front, you fucking loved this show...or at least the Toblerone memes.


Studio Mir nailed Legend of Korra as they did Voltron: The Legendary Defender. The action is amazing, the characters are silly, and you are so, so fucked up for not watching it.

The Expanse

Please watch this show so SYFY won’t cancel it. Sure, it’s slow moving and not a lot happens. BUT there’s awesome space battles like nothing you’ve ever seen on TV before. Just get really stoned and give it a shot, even though none of your burning questions will be answered.


Why does nobody care about this show? Sure, you can’t really get invested in any of the characters because the plot is not sequential. But that’s actually the best part. Just sit back and enjoy the subtly defined characters and intelligent portrayal of complex human interaction.


It’s uneven, but it’s so personal that it really hits your emotions. You become invested in the dystopian world. It’s the Hunger Games with a creative vision. The all Brazilian cast makes the tiny budget work.


This show is so bad, so cliche, so poorly written, so predictable, so terribly acted…. that it’s amazing. Teen drama, meets murder mystery, meets comic books. I mean, we can’t say it’s been done before?


The Tom Cruise-looking main character is so fucking unlikable and one dimensional. Thankfully, the writers constructed amazing characters inside the prison cells. Don’t watch to fall in love with the leads; watch to get inside the head of some crazy motherfuckers.

Big Mouth

Nothing about this show is a fuck-up and it’s probably one of the most underrated shows of 2017. It’s crass, perverted, awkward and watching the show as an adult makes thinking about your teenage years comforting.


Can we talk about Trollhunters?....Can we talk about Trollhunters? Good Lord, is this a work of art and you should be ashamed if you didn’t binge both seasons this year (Season 2 just arrived on Netflix). Guillermo del Toro and Marc Guggenheim are a power-duo and the aesthetics are just as refined as the writing.

Schitt’s Creek

Nothing about this show should work. It’s not very creative and conceptually, it’s been done...a lot of times. But whoever wrote this nailed the family dynamic and spins the stereotype of being rich in a fresh way. You may not identify with any of the characters and nobody’s winning an Oscar, but it’s effortlessly LOL funny.

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