The Best Games At The E3 2016 PC Gaming Show

Giant Cop
Giant Cop baby! E3

PC Gamer had their own E3 press conference, highlighting all the best PC games coming out in the next few years. The PC Gaming Show had a lot of crazy surprises: games that looked like they might revolutionize the industry, along with tacky garbage nobody's going to remember. I’m sorry Dual Universe , but No Man’s Sky already does your premise better.

Here’s a list of my personal favorite games from the conference.

Giant Cop

I think virtual reality is a fad, one that won’t really make a dent on the history of video games. I’m slowly starting to change my tune after seeing what great games are being released on the Oculus Rift. Giant Cop puts you in the role of a giant police officer in a beach town of tiny citizens. It is your job to keep them safe by any means necessary.

Nudists on the beach? Fling them into the ocean. Protesters harshing your mellow? Throw a bus on them to shut them up. You can spy on your little people with cameras and catch them stealing, pretty much anything to keep the town safe. It’s goofy, it’s fun and I can’t wait to stick on a giant headset to try it.

The Turing TestPuzzle games with guns are my favorite genre. Portal 2 is my favorite game of all time, combining thought intensive puzzles, whitty gameplay and general emersion. The Turing Test . by Square Enix and Bulkhead Studios, sends you into the vast nothingness of space to see if there is life on the planet Europa.

The gameplay we saw showed the player shooting at buttons, manipulating tiny cubes and assembling robots. It sounds a lot like Portal and hopefully it plays like it as well. Expect to have your minds puzzled and teased when The Turing Test comes out in August 2016.

Overland Photo: E3


Survival horror games have become all the rage right now; people just really seem to like running away from zombies. Developer Finji decided to take another approach, creating a turn-based, real-time strategy game set in an apocalyptic North America. The cell-shaded graphics look lovely and each map is randomly generated.

Overland is currently in Steam First Access, with keys available on the Overland site .

A bit of the Observer trailer Photo: E3


I couldn’t tell you much about this game from our first look, but what I did see got me pumped. The developer described it as “what would you do if your fears got hacked and used against you?" You play as a special cop, known as an Observer, who can manipulate people’s fears. I’m guessing that it’s your job to apprehend criminals, Psycho-Pass style.

What really gets me excited are the visuals. The game has a “cyberpunk” feel that feels gritty and scary. The visuals are constantly shifting, with blocks moving in and out of place. In one scene we get a good look at a disco ball straight out of an Andy Warhol drug den. At the end of the trailer we see our protagonist stumble across a girl plugged into a giant mechanical rig. He pulls out a spike and plugs it directly into the girl, which is where the gameplay ends. It’s one of those games where I have no idea what’s happening, which makes me just want to know more.

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