Battletoads Steam Version Launches Alongside Xbox Release On August 20

Will the game live up to its legendary meme status?
Microsoft will launch Battletoads for the Xbox One and PC via Steam on August 20.
Microsoft will launch Battletoads for the Xbox One and PC via Steam on August 20. Microsoft

Publisher Microsoft and developers Dlala Studios and Rare have just announced that they will soon be launching the long-awaited and highly anticipated reboot of the cult classic from the 90’s, Battletoads. The action-adventure beat ‘em up and platforming game will be released for the Xbox One and PC on August 20.

For those who aren’t familiar with the popular (and highly memed) franchise, Battletoads is a beat ‘em up and platforming game that puts players in control of Rash, Zitz, and Pimple, the three titular Battletoads. Originally made as a response to the hype surrounding another anthropomorphic reptilian troupe (yeah, I know, toads are amphibians) in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Battletoads has since achieved considerable success in its own right, spawning a number of games for various platforms across multiple generations, with the most recent one being an arcade game release in 1994. The franchise has even birthed an animated TV special, which unfortunately didn’t turn into a fully-fledged TV series. Numerous gaming outlets have noted that the Battletoads franchise is one that needs to come back from the dead, and rightly so.

The upcoming Battletoads title has been confirmed that it will be a reboot of the franchise. So, what should players expect from it? First off, we’ve been given sneak peeks into its visuals and gameplay through an almost two-minute announcement trailer unveiled by Microsoft. Aesthetically, the game is giving off huge cartoony vibes, combining both 2D character models and 3D backgrounds and environments. Gameplay-wise, beat ‘em up combat and platforming is still at the game’s core, but we are also given glimpses at tons of other possible modes or mini games such as one that looks like a bullet hell shooter type of game. The rebooted Battletoads will now also include a multiplayer mode, allowing players to drop in and out of the actions using Rash, Zitz, and Pimple. It has also been noted that the three characters will all have distinct skills and play styles that players can use to experiment with.

Battletoads is set to launch on August 20 for the Xbox One and PC through Xbox Game Pass as well as Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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