Battlefield 2042: Update 4.2.0 Enables Uniform Soldier Aiming by Default. Here's Why It's Helpful

Update 4.2.0
Update 4.2.0 Twitter/@Battlefield

Battlefield 2042 can be enjoyed on consoles and PC. That said, if you play the game on PS5, for example, you might notice that aiming when scoped feels clunky, mainly due to the aim assist feature inherent when using controllers. To help aiming feel and look more consistent, the developers enabled Uniform Soldier Aiming by default in Update 4.2.0.

What Is It?

So, what is Uniform Soldier Aiming? According to the Battlefield 2042 dev team, it is a tool that helps your aiming movement to gradually become more consistent during gameplay. It does this by using a procedural aim rate when in zoom instead of the original preset numbers.

How does this translate in-game? With it enabled, aiming feels more consistent and the reticle feels snappier when homing in on targets. This is most evident if you’re playing on consoles, but the developers note that this feature can also benefit you when you’re on PC and using a mouse and keyboard.

Additionally, there’s a coefficient setting underneath the Uniform Soldier Aiming toggle that you can adjust to your liking. Try setting it to zero or 100 to see which one works best for you.

When asked why this feature was disabled back then, the developers said that in previous Battlefield titles, they expected a slower aim rate in zoom to be a benefit in helping players learn to aim. However, they’ve observed that this variance did little to help new and experienced players alike when it comes to building up good muscle memory. So, they’ve decided to just have it enabled in Update 4.2.0.

Uniform Soldier Aiming
Uniform Soldier Aiming DICE


  • Doors that were previously controlled by the enemy team will now automatically open upon getting close to them rather than having to hold the interact button.
  • Updated the scoreboard to keep the Objective score in the right-most column for all objective-based game modes, for an easier overview.
  • Sundance Mastery now correctly tracks Assists on destroyed enemy vehicles when using the smart explosives.
  • The reload prompt no longer appears while you are knocked down and awaiting a revive.
  • The kill log will now display Ranger as the cause of death if you are killed by one of them upon self destructing.
  • Blasco no longer attempts to hug the ground and her arms should remain in the correct place when switching to her gadget while prone.
  • Improved HUD visibility across a number of different screen settings.
  • The Gewehr 43 will no longer have its bolt open within the Collection screen.
  • Tracers are no longer present on Subsonic ammo when equipped on the MP28.
  • The Type 88 LMG and SVD will now be held correctly within the left hand on the Main Screen and Collection Screen.
  • The Super 500 will now display a Prompt Reload option when running low on ammo.

So, are you going to stick with Uniform Soldier Aiming or are you going to disable it once you’ve hopped into the game?

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2.0 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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