Barotrauma Gets New Trailer, Confirmed For Early Access Next Month

FTL meets submarine, drowning horror in space. What's not to like.
Barotrauma heads to Steam Early Access this June 5.
Barotrauma heads to Steam Early Access this June 5. Daedalic Entertainment

Daedelic Entertainment, Undertow Games, and FakeFish have launched an official trailer and announced an early access period for their 2D multiplayer resource management game, Barotrauma.

Barotrauma has both a single player and multiplayer modes. You can explore Europa, Jupiter’s moon, along with your AI crew or fight for survival along with 15 other friends or strangers online. While playing, you must build, maintain, and protect your own submarine from scary sea-creatures.

A free pre-alpha version of Barotrauma was released almost four years ago and has been regularly patched since then. Now, the developers are finally ready to release an early access version of the game via Steam on June 5, which is just a few weeks away. They’ve also confirmed that this version will be available until this fall.

The developers of Barotrauma have a goal to involve players in developing and improving the game. The developers have addressed the Steam community in particular, looking to get as much fan feedback as possible before launch.

Barotrauma has been a great community assisted effort for years now, and with this in mind, we want the community features Steam offers in-game as soon as possible and available to you as we move towards full launch, while still letting you be involved in the development, giving us feedback and suggestions, and getting started with mods," a post from the Barotrauma development team states. "Steam Early Access is also a step towards sustainability in the development of Barotrauma. The larger audience and the income will help us to make the game fly higher and live longer. We hope that whether a longtime player, or a newcomer, you will find the new platform and the opportunities it opens up for Barotrauma as exciting as we do.”

As for the price of the game, the developers will be reducing the price for players who’ve helped them develop and improve it.

“During Early Access, the game will be available at a reduced price to the community of players who continue to help us develop it. The complete game will then be normal-priced for new players after full release,” the developers stated.

You can find out more about the upcoming early access for Barotrauma here.

If you are interested in helping to develop the game, which the developers have admitted to be a work in progress, you should buckle up for its early access version on June 5. If you aren’t, then maybe you should look forward to the full version of the game, although it is still a long ways ahead.

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