Banzai Escape 2: Subterranean New Mission Added in Patch 15

Patch 15
Patch 15 Steam

Banzai Escape 2: Subterranean is a co-op anime third-person shooter where you will play as an elite Imingter agent. You’re given special access to roam around underground networks, and it is your job to dispose of any threat that comes your way.

Recently, Patch 15 was released which brought a new mission called Assault on Automaton Factory. Word has it that the enemy is producing robots en masse and it is up to you to put an end to it. But beware, Automaton Factory is heavily guarded, so you better bring your A-game as this mission is not a walk in the park.

New Map: Automaton Factory
New Map: Automaton Factory Steam
New Map: Automaton Factory
New Map: Automaton Factory Steam

Since you’re going to be facing tougher enemies in the Automaton Factory, you’ll need some things to help you. Fortunately, you have new toys to play with in Patch 15. The first is the C-Nar Experimental Direct Energy Gun. While the name could use some refinement, this new weapon may appeal to players as it fires a laser that can disintegrate any living flesh.

New Weapon: C-Nar Experimental Direct Energy Gun
New Weapon: C-Nar Experimental Direct Energy Gun Steam

The second is a nano-plugin that spawns a Companion Turret when used. This cute mobile turret follows you around and shoots at enemies when they come close. It also seems that it can change weapons depending on its current rank.

New Nano-Plugin: Companion Turret
New Nano-Plugin: Companion Turret Steam

That’s not all! During the mission, you’ll come across some sisters that will aid you in battle if you go near them. When they start following you, make sure to do all things necessary to keep them alive.


  • New
    • Automaton Factory Level
  • Added
    • Added ammo box on sewer main hall
    • Added new weapon icons
  • Changes
    • Modified cover system to make NPC more eager to use cover position
    • Modified NPC behavior when on the cover not to expose their head much
    • Modified railing at lobby opens up for easy route toward hard door mission
    • Modified default mp5k by reducing the rate of recoil
    • Modified Grenade launcher shot distance and effectiveness
    • Modified items will disappear if goes far over 50 meters from the player (might solve issues items fell out of map)
    • Modified damage taken to all HP objects less delayed from a rate of 0.25 to 0.1, this may cause network traffic in coop mode.
    • Modified weapon inventory status for Recoil appears as percentages. Higher percentage means a more accurate weapon.
    • Optimize for more performance during heavy fights
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed error when clicking show waypoint if the player is out of bounds
    • Fixed weapon firing becomes too bright when playing with 2 players
    • Fixed LOD (Level of Detail) on Heavy Melee Miner on lowest quality settings

Banzai Escape 2: Subterranean Patch 15 is available on PC.

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