The Infinity War Rumors We Want Answered At SDCC 2017

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters May 4, 2018.
Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters May 4, 2018. Marvel

San Diego Comic-Con is here, which means Marvel is here, which means we’re going to get some answers regarding one of the most anticipated comic book movies of all time: Avengers: Infinity War. Some footage of the film shown at D23 hasn’t been released to the public, causing a wave of rumors to splash across all corners of the internet. What’s true and what’s not? Here are the rumors we think hold the most weight and may get confirmed at SDCC.

War Machine Is Mobile

Colonel James Rhodes was paralyzed after a huge fall in Captain America: Civil War, but in a recent interview at D23 Expo in Anaheim California, Don Cheadle says Iron Man may fix him up.

“[…] when you have somebody like Tony, who is a master of tech and can create things that can get you over the hump, then you can walk again,” Cheadle told Good Morning America, specifying that he wouldn’t describe the tech as artificial. “I don’t know that I’d like to use that word, I like fake… It’s an augmentation. It’s somewhat bionic.”

Steve Rogers Is Someone Else

Footage at D23 revealed Steve Rogers got a beard for Infinity War and fans are pondering the idea that he’ll adopt a new name instead of going by Captain America. As Spider-Man: Homecoming deliberately pointed out, Steve is technically a war criminal now so going by Captain America probably isn't a good idea. Rumor has it, according to a scoop from MCU Exchange, Steve will take on the moniker of Nomad, and use the new facial hair to disguise himself while he’s laying low. Let's just hope the confirmation of this rumor doesn't come with Chris Evans in this costume.

Longest Battle Ever

If you thought the Captain America: Civil War airport hangar scene was long, Anthony Mackie says Infinity War will outdo its predecessor. While Civil War felt like an Avengers movie, it was technically a Captain America film. It’s only right the long awaited Avengers movie gives fans such an unforgettable moment.

“Probably a one-hour battle sequence,” Mackie teased.

Someone Else Will Be Cap

Nothing will be the same after Avengers: Infinity War. Heroes we know and love will be no more, paving the way for new ones to come into the spotlight. But someone has to be Captain America... even if it isn’t Steve Rogers, who is currently hiding out in Wakanda. Right now, fans are thinking it will be either Sam Wilson (Falcon) or Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) who picks up the Captain America mantle. Both have assumed the alter-ego in the comics after Cap died or retired. After all, Steve Rogers has been around for about 100 years.

Captain Marvel Will Debut

If there’s one thing Avengers: Infinity War will prove, it’s that Marvel needs more female superheroes. There’s Black Widow and Scarlet Witch as well as Nebula and Gamora from Guardians, but these are all supporting characters. That’s why Captain Marvel needs to appear in Infinity War. Her solo movie debut isn’t until 2019 and that’s too long. With at least one of the strongest Avengers on the way out, as well as the fact the team is facing extraterrestrial threats, now is the time to introduce one of the MCU’s most powerful heroes.


Nobody ever thought Agents of SHIELD would be picked up for a sixth season. The series has always subtly tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most recently with Captain America: Civil War and the Sokovia Accords. With Phil Coulson shown in space in the last scene of the Season 4 finale, it’s about time we see Nick Fury and Coulson back together again as they were in the 2012 Avengers movie. With Infinity War (s) taking the Avengers to space, it’s only right SHIELD’s extraterrestrial division known as SWORD gets a mention or easter egg to connect the series to the MCU in the way fans have always hoped. It can’t be a coincidence that Nick Fury is rumored to star alongside Brie Larson in Captain Marvel, who also happens to be the the head of SWORD in the comics. What has Fury been up to ... and why isn't Agents of SHIELD at San Diego Comic-Con this year? This rumor is a little far-fetched, but there's never coincidences in the MCU.

Peter’s Powers Still Developing

Peter Parker not having spidey sense was one of the biggest criticism of Spider-Man: Homecoming. While some fans were convinced this meant Tom Holland's iteration would rely on tech instead of his sixth sense, D23 footage of Infinity War seemingly confirmed that’s not true. While the trailer still hasn’t been released to the public, viewers who attended noted Peter Parker uses his senses while riding a bus. This means Spider-Man’s powers are still developing, which makes sense considering he’s only had them for less than a year. It will be interesting to see how the spider-sense is acknowledged and explained in Infinity War.

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