‘Attack On Titan’ Game Producer Talks Adapting The Anime, Gear Upgrades And Story

Attack On Titan season 2

Since its release in 2013, the Attack on Titan anime has used gore and horror elements to grip American audiences, enough so that the second season release date has been a hot topic for years now.

However, Koei Tecmo is looking to sate fans hungry for more Attack on Titan goodness with its video game adaptation of the story.

“When we create an anime-based video game we of course think it through if it will be a fun game or not,” Hisashi Koinuma, producer of the Attack on Titan game told iDigitalTimes at E3 (through a translator). ”And once it kicks off then we implement the plan, and in that sense it's not terribly complicated [to adapt an anime]. But like many famous IPs, they have many many avid fans and things can get very sensitive and we are very conscious about that, so in essence it’s very difficult.”

There have been Attack on Titan games in the past, but Koei Tecmo’s take on the giant-killing story adds some interesting features and “flavor” that have not been done in an Attack on Titan game before.

“Obviously, the aerial combat is something that we have on our own. So that’s definitely our ‘flavor’ and after the Mikasa mission there is a Titan fight where you play as the Titan playing against other Titans,” Koinuma said. “So in that fight you’ll end up destroying part of the town and it involves a lot of the physics and auto-regeneration.”

The Mikasa mission Koinuma is referring to is a pivotal part of the Attack on Titan story. This mission lets players take control of Mikasa as she rallies the others to fight back the Titans after Eren is seemingly killed.

attack on titan game eren
There are plenty of cutscenes that follow the 'Attack on Titan' story Photo: Koei Tecmo

There are plenty of scenes and missions cut straight from the anime/manga that will allow players to control specific characters. Furthermore, as Koinuma told us, each character will have a unique fighting style, especially with special skills.

Mikasa, for example, will have a combo strike that can strike Titans up to three times. Koinuma admits she is one of the stronger characters in the game (and rightfully so).

“First off, all the combat system is the same for everybody. How we characterize different people is that they will have their own unique skills,” Koinuma said. “Levi will have his spinning attack that is pretty iconic, although some skills are common skills. With Mikasa you can have a specific skill from the start but others will have to unlock it later.”

attack on titan game levi
Levi will use his iconic spin attack in the 'Attack on Titan' game. Photo: Koei Tecmo

Players will also be able to upgrade their gear to better combat tougher Titans as they progress through the game. Materials will drop from Titans as you slay them and there are side missions taking place during the main missions that may grant rare and special materials.

“Just to elaborate a little more, you use those materials to upgrade your blades and your gas canisters and then the cable systems,” Koinuma said. “And it is essential to strengthen yourself against the tougher Titans where leveling your character is not enough. That’s why upgrading your gear is essential.”

The Gear Enhancements use these materials to make enhancements to the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, which includes improved anchors, allowing Gears to attach onto Titans from a greater distance and at faster speeds. Blades can be sharpened, as well as improved to become longer and more durable, with scabbard upgrades allowing additional blades and gas canisters to be carried. It is important for players to enhance their equipment to perform more effectively on the battlefield.

Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan game will, not surprisingly, delve into the first season of the anime, but Koinuma let iDigi in on what else fans can expect from the upcoming game, including how Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama is involved.

“The core part of the story is the first season, however, it also covers some content from the manga so it's not strictly anime per se,” Koinuma said. “And so after the first season there’s an original story that was supervised by the original creator.”

“The original story is not necessarily the second season. During the first season there are side stories like what is happening outside the wall while Erin and Mikasa are struggling in the city. So it’s all going to be very satisfying.”

Attack on Titan is set to release Aug. 30.

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