ATLAS: Big Changes to Vitamin Management in Patch 557.6

Patch 557.6
Patch 557.6 Twitter/@sailtheatlas

ATLAS improves its realism with new changes implemented in the recently released Patch 557.6.

Players should pay close attention to new tweaks introduced to vitamin management. While they no longer take damage over time from vitamin depletion, poisoning, deficiency, and surplus, they will get a debuff for each vitamin that is poorly maintained. For example, if players are completely deficient in vitamin A, they will take 20% increased damage.

In addition, players will have to be mindful of how much they eat because there are real consequences to overeating now. Besides having visibly large stomachs, players also run the risk of developing torpor, which could prevent them from doing any activities in ATLAS.

Vitamin Management
Vitamin Management Grapeshot Games
Patch Notes
  • Vitamin Depletion (0%) and Poisoning (100%)
    • Vitamin A: 20% increase to damage taken.
    • Vitamin B: 20% reduced stamina recovery rate.
    • Vitamin C: 30 reduced fortitude.
    • Vitamin D: 20% reduced speed.
  • Vitamin Deficiency (1% to 10%) and Surplus (80% to 99%)
    • Vitamin A: 10% increase to damage taken.
    • Vitamin B: 10% reduced stamina recovery rate.
    • Vitamin C: 15 reduced fortitude.
    • Vitamin D: 10% reduced speed.
  • Increased Grill water amount from 300 to 1,000.
  • Slightly reduced grown vegetable and egg requirements in cooked recipes.
  • Cooked recipe foods now give their secondary vitamins much quicker.
  • Chickens stored in Tame Hatcheries or Barns will produce unfertilized eggs over time.
  • Removed damage to health when overeating.
  • Added torpor to the player when overeating.
  • A player’s stomach will visibly get enlarged when they are overeating.
  • Removed the chance a player will poop randomly.
  • Player pooping is now only activated through keybind (F11 by default).
  • Pooping reduces food levels by 15.
  • Added a cooldown to pooping.
  • Fixed an issue with Resource silos in Sea Forts lacking collision, creating hiding spots.
  • Fixed an issue with the barracks in Sea Forts lacking collision, creating hiding spots.
  • Fixed an issue with large cargo crates around the Sea Forts lacking collision.
  • Filled some chasms in various rock formations on multiple islands that would cause a player to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue with jagged water holes appearing along the edges of the tunnel under the skull rock in Split Freeports.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented wild vegetables from being placed in Crew Resources Silos.
  • Fixed an issue with Bear bites not damaging a Beehive.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not see or unload tames loaded into a Tame Cargo Railing.
  • Fixed an issue where swarm tames could not be loaded into Tame Cargo Railings.
  • Fixed an issue where the stored tames UI is displayed behind the player's inventory UI.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Tame House difficult to place.
  • Fixed an issue with food disappearing from tame structures after server restart. Some structures built prior to the patch may still be affected and will need to be replaced.
  • Fixed an issue where Fertilizer Barrels in Tame Houses and Hatcheries displayed water emblems on them.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a tame stored in a Tame House/Hatchery when viewing the Tame Information did not display that tame’s stats and inventory.
  • Fixed an issue that disabled the Toggle Mating button in the View Tame Information menu.
  • Fixed various text overlapping UI issues.

ATLAS Patch 557.6 is now available on Xbox One and PC.

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