ATLAS: Patch v543.00 Introduces the Maw Waters Region

Patch v543.00
Patch v543.00 Steam

The pirate survival MMO ATLAS embraces Season 9 with a new patch that introduces some new content, including a new region shrouded in darkness.

New Region

Patch v543.00 introduces the Maw Waters region in ATLAS. This new region is engulfed in an unnaturally thick fog and is filled with monsters that can vanish or appear out of thin air.

Pathfinders will be given a special item called the Lantern of the Maw as soon as they venture forth into this region. The lantern can be filled with a resource known as Essence of the Maw, which can be acquired by doing certain activities in the area.

The Essence of the Maw can be used to craft a semi-soft, semi-solid crystal called Solidified Essence. Pathfinders who want to leave the Maw Waters region should fully fill their lanterns with it.

New Mini-Bosses

Pathfinders who are itching to kill tougher enemies will be happy to know of the seven new mini-bosses. They can be found in different locations at the Golden Age Ruins. Here’s a rundown:

  • Ancient Fire Elemental
  • Elder Rock Elemental
  • Kekada
  • Buwaya
  • Eber
  • Crystal Scorpion
  • The Sentinel
New Mini-Boss: The Sentinel
New Mini-Boss: The Sentinel Steam

Patch Notes

  • Timeworn quality has been removed until content and bugs are fixed
  • Giant Turtles no longer spawn underwater
  • Chromatic Aberration has been removed from underwater post-processing
  • Increase the cost of the tame house
  • No longer rounding on ship sail unit values
  • Players can no longer store temporary tames in the Pegasus
  • Industrial Rifle has been adjusted. Bleed removed, increased damage from 160 to 200 per shot, increased durability loss from 4 to 8 per shot
  • Industrial Revolver has been adjusted. Bleed removed, increased damage from 50 to 100 per shot, increased durability loss from 1.5 to 3 per shot
  • Tames will be ejected from the Tame House when the Tame House is destroyed instead of killed
  • The resource costs for crafting patch kits and armor patch kits have been reduced by 50%
  • Modular ships have had their base weights adjusted
  • Server restarts have been set to automatically happen at 10:30 a.m PST (1:30 p.m. EST) daily, including weekends.
  • Scuttle and Unclaim options for ships have been changed to be locked behind company rank, similar to how structure access is. Interact with the steering wheel to set the minimum rank that can scuttle or unclaim
  • Adjusted lighting so there will be less contrast between day and night
  • Fixed instances where babies born in the tame house did not require imprinting
  • Fixed instances where the forge would prioritize burning thatch before wood
  • Fixed instances where controller disconnect can cause a crash

The full changelog for ATLAS Patch v543.00 can be found on Steam.

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