Astroneer Update 1.18 QoL improvements, New UI, and More


Astroneer developer System Era Softworks released a new update that adds a new UI for emotes and some QoL changes. The new UI system now shows a preview of your emotes, which makes it easier for you to select and use them. Another UI change allows players with a controller to finally assign their more assignable emote. More details on the emote wheel can be found within the patch notes below.

The developer team has also fixed tons of known bugs, such as printers not using resources directly from canisters, multiplayer issues where achievements wouldn’t unlock, and problems with sound effects either missing or incorrectly playing throughout the game.

Astroneer Update 1.18

Emote Selection Wheel

As mentioned, players using controllers can now assign more than four emotes:

  • The wheel is activated with the [G] key on the keyboard or the [D-pad Up] button on the gamepad.
  • Emotes are selected with the [Mouse] or [Right Thumbstick], and activated by clicking with the [Left Mouse Button] or [Right Trigger], or by releasing the emote wheel key/button while an emote is selected.

The following bugs have been fixed as of version 1.18:


  • Fixed an issue where printers were not auto-pulling resources directly from canisters and crafting modules on the same platform.
  • Fixed an issue where auto arms were not placing resources onto printers.


  • Fixed an issue where the Catalog descriptions for items exclusive to Creative Mode were incorrectly cased.


  • Fixed a bug where the EXO Dynamics Outreach Participant and Let Me Borrow This Just a Second achievements were not unlocking when earned on Dedicated Servers.
  • Fixed a bug in multiplayer where clients would continue to hear printer sound effects if they left the area before the printer finished printing.
  • Fixed bug in multiplayer where the client would never hear sound effects for the worklight when it was turned on or off.


  • Fixed an issue in the Resources section of Astropedia where text boxes would overlap resource images in some languages (German, Dutch, Japanese).

“System Era Merch Store: Today we are launching our online store! Expect lots of fun and unique items to come to the store in the coming months!” developers noted.

You can read more about the update here.

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