Astroneer Controls Update: New Changes and Bug Fixes


Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game where players can build anything they desire. It’s a massive game with seven planets in the solar system. It has been over two months since the developers released their last update, which was massive. This update is smaller and mainly focuses on updating the controls.

Controls And Accessibility

For players who love making their own keys for specific actions, this is the update for them. They now have the freedom to map their controls according to their preference, which gives them tons of room to work with. The best part is some “hold” actions now have the toggle setting. Besides that, another huge change is allowing console players to use a mouse and keyboard. This is supported on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Landing Zone Improvements

Developers also made several improvements to Landing Zones. One of the best additions is that all Landing Zones now have animated visuals with beacons to highlight the zones. This makes it easier for players to locate and land on the zones properly. For newer players, the newly added tooltips can help out. They appear when you hover over Landing Zones.

Astroneer Controls Update

Audio Improvements
  • T1 Oxygenator, when slotted into the player’s backpack while on, will fade out its audio loop while remaining operational.
Camera Improvements
  • The camera handles tight spaces more smoothly, with reduced instances of rapidly zooming in and out.
  • The camera now responds intelligently to movement up or down slopes when following the player.
  • The camera no longer loses sight of the player when moving at very high speeds.
  • General tuning adjustments.
Drill Improvements
  • The drill aiming UI now accurately represents the angle of the drill relative to the rover. This means the tilt indicator on the drill UI no longer drifts as the drill moves to align with it.
  • Drilling is now clamped between a maximum upwards and downwards tilt, to prevent the rover from flipping over or losing traction.
  • Drills are automatically disabled if the rover starts to point vertically up or down.
Resource Bytes Update
  • Composite resources now have Byte values assigned and can be researched in the Research Chamber
  • All researchable resources have had their research times changed to 5 minutes total with Byte values adjusted accordingly
Bug Fixes
  • The Sylva gateway engine should now keep its free oxygen even after placing the Geometric Triptych
  • Players should be much less likely to encounter a natural landing zone without terrain below it
  • Fixed a setting on Switch that may have caused players to hit a save size limit earlier than they should have
  • Unsolved EXO Dynamics Research Aid boxes now have camera collision

You can read more about the update here.

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