Asteroid Causes Fortnite To Go Offline

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Fortnite has gone offline ever since the asteroid hit the game's virtual world.
Fortnite has gone offline ever since the asteroid hit the game's virtual world. Epic Games

Some games go down because they have server issues that need to be fixed right away. It is either because a critical bug surfaced or the servers are just overloaded. But for Epic Games, Fortnite can go offline simply because they want to do so.

With no Fortnite to play, millions of people have flocked to YouTube and Twitch just to see what has happened. Basically, there is a black hole and it sucked up the entire map. Right now, everyone is waiting with no idea what is going to happen next.

Literally, the game is offline. You cannot get into a match if you decide to play Fortnite right now. Even the game’s official social media accounts seemed to have been wiped out. The community has no idea when Fortnite will come back online. What is interesting here is the fact that the studio did its best to ensure that the game has become unavailable to play.

This bold move from Epic Games only suggests that it has the confidence in Fortnite’s ability to come back with a bang and it does not matter when it chooses to come back. It is a risky move nonetheless especially after spending months being disparaged by fans. Season 10 of the game was quite rocky according to some players. For starters, the inclusion of mechs proved to be very controversial. Much of the criticism pointed towards Fortnite's inability to provide much-needed balance. After spending a year being on top of the rankings, players appear to have gotten tired of the game’s direction.

Looks like The End event was more about building a hype-land for Fortnite and it is indeed working. While nothing official has been said yet, there is a leading theory about the black hole. Basically, it is said to turn into a new map and will introduce newer mechanics like boating and fishing.

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