ARMS Update 1.1 Released, Adds LAN Mode And More

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ARMS patch 1.1 is out now Nintendo

The first patch for ARMS is here, bringing new ways to play and various bug fixes. The patch notes for the 1.1 update to ARMS have been posted on the Japanese Nintendo site, so there may be some slight errors due to translation.

  • LAN play has been added

    • Communication battle can be played among players within the same LAN (local area network)

    • While pressing the L stick in the top menu, press the L and R buttons to switch between local communication and LAN play.

  • "Arena mode" has been added

    • It is a mode in which you can take a serious game of 2 preemies with friends, local communication, LAN play

    • Up to 4 people can enter the battlefield, with other players able to spectate on the match

  • Fixed the problem of charge dashing continuously with Kid Cobra

  • Fixed the problem that Bark greatly warped after finishing a special rush

  • Fixed the problem that arms such as chakram slip through the purple light box appearing in "Ribbon Ring"

  • Fixed a text problem where "ARMS Grand Prix" read as "AMRS Grand Prix"

In case you didn’t know, LAN play allows up to eight different Switch consoles to be linked together with a LAN cable. Once the consoles are linked, up to two people can play on each Switch. This means you can have up to 16 people playing at the same time.

To play a LAN game of ARMS, you will need a copy of the game, the Switch dock, a Switch AC adapter, an HDMI cable, a USB-wired LAN adapter, a LAN cable and a TV. Once you have everything you need, follow the instructions below to get your game started.

  1. Connect the LAN cable to the USB wired LAN adapter and router (hub) connected to each Nintendo Switch dock

  2. Turn on the power of the router

  3. Insert each console containing ARMS software into the Nintendo Switch dock

  4. Start ARMS

  5. While pressing the left stick in the top menu, press the L and R buttons to switch "Local communication" to "LAN play"

  6. Select "LAN play"

  7. Choose "Party Mode" or "Arena Mode"

  8. The parent device selects "Create a lobby" and the child device enters the lobby created by the parent device

So what do you think? Are you excited about the ability to play ARMS over a LAN with your friends? What other features or fixes do you want to see come in future ARMS updates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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