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Max Brass will join ARMS in July Nintendo

Nintendo promised that ARMS would receive regular updates post-launch and the first big one is coming in July with the release of a new playable character, Max Brass.

Max Brass isn’t necessarily “new” but his inclusion in ARMS was a surprise, as he only appears in the final match of the tournament mode. The free update, which drops on July 12, will let players take control of “the commish” and lay the smackdown on any opponent who dares steps to him.

Check out Max Brass’ spotlight trailer in ARMS below.

The inclusion of Max Brass in the upcoming ARMS update will likely come along with his stage to play in local and online modes, as well as his signature arms. Max Brass does have a pair of hammer arms that can be devastating as well as some charged up fists.

It also seems that Max Brass can become un-flinchable after his health is low enough, allowing for him to dish out a ton of punishment in a pinch.

The extent of what he and his arms can do is unknown, but making him a playable character could possibly mean that his signature arms could be equipped to other ARMS fighters already in the game. With July 12 only a few days away, all of these questions will be answered.

This is not the first update to come to ARMS . Version 1.1 added LAN play, allowing up to eight gamers to use the same local area network. The update let players switch between LAN and local communication with the touch of a button.

Version 1.1 also added Arena mode,  allowing for up to four players to enter the battlefield, two of whom would be spectators. There were also some bug fixes to certain ARMS characters that included:

  • Fixed the problem of charge dashing continuously with Kid Cobra

  • Fixed the problem that Bark greatly warped after finishing a special rush

  • Fixed the problem that arms such as chakram slip through the purple light box appearing in "Ribbon Ring"

When July 12 comes around with Max Brass, expect more patch notes to go along with the update.

ARMS is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

So what do you think of Max Brass’ inclusion in ARMS ? Do you want to see more characters added that were not shown before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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