Apex Legends Invites Everyone to War Games

Ready to play the game?
Ready to play the game? Respawn Entertainment

Season 8 of Apex Legends is set to end early next month. In preparation, everyone is invited to join War Games, a new event offering new challenges, a new rewards track, and new playlist modifiers. War Games start April 13.

For the duration of War Games, five game modes will take over the normal Play Apex playlists. Before we look into these different modes, it's worth noting that the new rewards track comes with earnable cosmetics and goodies. The track itself offers five unlockable Battle Pass levels.

Like previous events in Apex Legends, challenges are refreshed daily and players can earn as much as 1,000 points each day. There are also stretch challenges that reward with four unique badges, as long as you've finished them during the event.

Here are the 5 modes that players can enjoy:

  • Second Chance (April 13 to 15)
    • Each Legend has one free respawn per match.
    • Once a Legend is killed, their Respawn Token is consumed.
    • They rise again from their current location and retain all their weapons and gear.
    • After a short duration, the player respawns high in the air to skydive back into the action.
    • While Second Chance is active, players won’t be able to unlock Assassin, Wake, or Wrath badges.
  • Ultra Zones (April 15 to 19)
    • Multiple Hot Zones appear in a single map.
    • Each Hot Zone is enveloped in a Flash Point.
    • Flash Points are large and glowing bubbles that replenish the player’s HP and shields when standing in them.
    • Consumable items are still available as normal throughout the loot pool.
  • ​Auto Banners (April 19 to April 21)
    • This modifier offers a small but spicy change to squadmate respawning.
    • Player’s Squadmates Banner Cards are automatically retrieved.
    • That means no need to loot their death box to retrieve their Banner Cards.
  • Killing Time (April 21 to 23)
    • The match speeds up as Legends fall.
    • Whenever a Legend dies, the round time is reduced.
    • That means the more Legends are killed, the shorter the round time becomes.
  • Armor Regen (April 23 to 27)
    • Whenever a player takes damage, their armor starts regenerating after an eight-second delay.
    • For cracked armor, the delay is doubled to 16 seconds.
    • The armor regenerates over at time at a rate of 12 points per second.

What are you waiting for? Time to prepare for war.

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