Apex Legends Season 6 Boosted Tweaks 10 Weapons

Apex Legends Season 6
Apex Legends Season 6 Forbes

Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted is now live, and it’s amazing. The update brought map changes, the new legend Rampart, and some additional features. However that’s not all, as the update buffed and nerfed lots of weapons. These changes will most definitely change the meta of the game.

Vertical recoil on the Hemlok in burst mode has been reduced and the time between each burst is reduced by 0.05 seconds. The Charge Rifle's mag size has been increased to eight bullets, however, each shot will now use up two bullets. The Triple Take now comes with a Choke hop up by default and you can toggle between them. The fire rate of the TT has also been increased to 1.4 from 1.25, with its magazine size increased to (6/7/8/9).

Several other weapons went through some heavy tweaks as well. You can learn all about them below or on the official site.



  • Reduced vertical recoil in burst mod
  • Slightly reducing recoil in pattern on 2nd and 3rd shot so first burst kicks less
  • Burst mode time between bursts .32 -> .28

Charge Rifle

  • Will now use two ammo per shot
  • Increased mag size from four to eight

Triple Take Buff:

  • Increase fire rate 1.25 -> 1.4
  • Increased Mag size from (5/6/7/8) to (6/7/8/9)
  • Built the Choke hop up into the weapon by default. Toggle select-fire to enable/disable the Choke


  • Built the Choke hop up into the weapon by default. Toggle select-fire to enable/disable the Choke


  • Improve recoil controllability


  • Updated Havoc with a new recoil pattern
  • Designer Note: The Havoc's existing recoil pattern had constant horizontal movement. This means it would either be too difficult to control if there was too much recoil, or far too easy to control if there was too little recoil. Updating to a new pattern which is more consistent in style with existing recoil patterns.


  • Increased clip size from three to four


  • Increased Damage from 13 to 15
  • Decreased Hammerpoint damage multiplier from 2.7 to 2.35. This will leave Hammerpoint P2020 damage unchanged in most scenarios
  • Increased mag size from (10/13/15/18) to (12/14/16/18)


  • Only requires one shield cell to charge if the player has the gold armor


  • Slightly Reduce vertical recoil in burst mode
  • Increase horizontal recoil in Auto Mode
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