Apex Legends Bids Goodbye To The Train In Season 6

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Respawn dropped a new Season 6 trailer, giving us a first look at Rampart's abilities, the brand-new Volt SMG, and changes to World's Edge. Dropping into World's Edge for the first time when Season 6 releases, you are bound to notice the absence of the train. Train tunnels will now house train cars that contain loot and gear. Many fans actually loved dropping right on the train for a chaotic start. Fans are already missing the train and it is quite evident from their reactions on Twitter.

Additionally, World's Edge has also changed quite a bit. You can find a new area near the Skyhook and Survey Camp. The Dome now houses a Launch Site surrounded by lava. In the middle of the map, you can find another new area called Staging. The less popular Drill Site has been replaced with a new Hammond facility called Countdown. The disappearance of the Mirage Voyage has also left the area looking less interesting.

Blast walls have been introduced in certain areas, including the Train Yard, Lava Fissure, and Skyhook. It still remains to be seen how these blast walls will function. But, it seems that these new walls are designed to give players an advantage when defending a specific area.

Season 6 is also bringing a brand-new feature called crafting. The trailer does show a little bit of how the crafting system will work but it's barely comprehensible from the initial look. Legends are shown exchanging crafting materials at an orange capsule (similar to Lifeline's care package) called the Replicator. The Replicator contains weapons, ammo, and armor.

Speaking of Rampart, she definitely looks like a strong defensive Legend. She's got a mountable LMG that will shred anyone crossing its line of sight. The LMG isn't just specific to Rampart, as all squadmates can mount the weapon. We aren't sure, but we think that even enemies might be able to use the gun as well. Rampart also provides one-way deployable shields to her squadmates and herself.

Apex Legends Season 6 is launching on August 18.

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