Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation Trailer Released

Revenant Apex Legends
Revenant Apex Legends YouTube

A lot has been going in the Apex Legends Universe lately, from exciting reveals to an unexpected murder of the anticipated Legend, Forge. This week has been quite packed with intense theories and speculation on what Respawn is planning for Apex Legends' Season 4. Well, the moment that we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. The launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 4 - Assimilation has been dropped on Apex Legends' YouTube channel and it's exciting, while at the same time leaving us even more confused. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer kicks off with an unknown guy shaving his beard and getting himself ready. He then receives a new message, which he opens to learn some information about a man named Marcos Andrade and a bounty of 10,000,000 for eliminating him. The unknown guy then accepts the bounty, loads his P2020 pistol and heads toward assassinating Marcos Andrade.

The scene then shifts to Marcos Andrade, who is heavily guarded by security forces. Andrade meets his young daughter and wife. At the same time, the unknown guy, now revealed to be Revenant, is seen scaling the building where Marcos is located and makes his entry into the building by shattering through a window. Without a word or any warning given, Revenant begins decimating the place and murdering everyone that stands in his way. We also get to see Revenant's aggro mode where he turns into a fiery robot with smoke emanating from him. Just when we think that security has gained control over Revenant and shoots a bullet in his head, the terrorizing robot vanishes into thin air.

While all this is happening, Marcos' wife picks up a gun and shoots Revenant in his back. Surprisingly, Revenant is unharmed, and then turns around and kills the woman by shooting her. At the same time, Marcos evacuates his daughter and tells her to run. Just as Marcos evacuates his daughter to safety, he is grabbed by Revenant. Marcos asks the assassin as to who he is, to which Revenant replies, "death," and then procedes to snap Marcos' neck and kills him.

When everything is said and done, Revenant is seen walking away and takes a look at his reflection on a shattered window. The reflection shows us the same unknown guy who took the assassination contract on Marcos. Revenant also sees a glass piece stuck in his neck, which he pulls out while his reflection expresses an intense emotion of pain.

The scene then switches to what seems like a flashback of the unknown guy shaving his beard, but this time it's Revenant in the foreground and the unknown guy in the mirror's reflection. After the flashback, Revenant raises his hand, revealing the logo of Hammond Robotics on the back of his hand. He then turns his arm into a piercing weapon and shatters through his reflection in a fit of rage, bringing the trailer for Apex Legends - Season 4: Assimilation to an end.

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