Apex Legends Season 4: All New Changes, Weapons, Legends, Maps, And More

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in a recent Devstream, Respawn revealed a lot of exciting stuff that's coming to Apex Legends with Season 4.The new season will be called Assimilation and will start on February 4, celebrating Apex Legends' first anniversary. The developers also mentioned that a new Legend, Forge, will be joining the roster. We have outlined everything that's coming to Apex Legends in Season 4: Assimilation below.

New Legend

In the Devstream, Respawn introduced Forge, a new Legend joining the Apex Legends roster. Respawn delved into the lore of Forge and said that he is an ex-MMA fighter who will be joining The Apex Games under a Hammond Robotics sponsorship. Respawn didn't reveal anything about Forge's playstyle or abilities. However, the anticipated Legend was murdered by another potential Legend, Revenant, in a short video that Apex Legends posted on YouTube.

This has left fans speculating as to what is happening in Apex Legends and whether Forge is really dead or not. Guess we'll have to wait until Respawn surprises us.

New Weapon

With Season 4, players will be introduced to a new sniper rifle called the Sentinel. Sentinel is similar to the Charge rifle with a focus toward charging it before shooting. However, it seems that the Sentinel will allow players to choose whether they want to charge a shot, resulting in higher damage, but slower fire rate, or quick shots that inflict less damage, but increase the fire rate of the weapon.

King's Canyon is Returning

If you're like me, you might have already been bored playing on the World's Edge map. Respawn has decided to switch things up by bringing back King's Canyon to the Ranked mode. However, you'll have to wait for some time before you drop in Skull Town. With King's Canyon returning, the Ranked mode will be divided into two halves. The first half involves playing the Ranked mode on Meltdown and the second half will continue on King's Canyon. Although it is possible that King's Canyon will be available in casual mode. Please Respawn! Make it happen!

Changes to Assist Points

With Assismation, Respawn is also changing the time window for earning assist points. The assist window has been increased from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds, giving you and your teammates more time to earn points when taking down enemies together. You will also earn assist points when a teammate kills an enemy tricked by Mirage's decoy, Pathfinder's grapple, Crypto's drone EMP damage, or scanning enemies using Crypto's drone or Bloodhound.

A New Rank Tier

Respawn is introducing a Master tier, which will replace the current Apex Predator tier. The honor of being called an Apex Predator will now only be given to the top 500 highest-ranking players across each platform (PC, Xbox One, and PS4). This means only 1,500 players will hold the Apex Predator title.

Party Restrictions

With Season 4, Respawn is changing how players can party up. Once you have reached Platinum IV, you are restricted to partying up with players within that rank tier. A Platinum will be able to party up with players who are Gold through Diamond and Diamond players can party up with teammates that are Platinum through Master. This ensures that higher level players cannot boost low ranking players.

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