Apex Legends: Players Experience More Disconnections Now Despite Server Improvements

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There seems to be a problem with Respawn Entertainment’s servers as Apex Legends players are experiencing more disconnection-related errors now than before.

Last Thursday, Respawn tweeted that the devs are going to ramp up server capacity, in addition to implementing scheduled fixes a day after. They added that the problems may require more work, which suggests that issues are more complex than initially thought.

In a follow-up tweet, the devs acknowledged that players are experiencing roughly three times more disconnect errors despite server improvements applied last week. However, they reassured players that a return to normalcy can be expected after the planned patch this Wednesday, September 22, goes live.

Because of the frequent disconnects, players who have ranked down or have lost points as a result of the server issues will be happy to know that the devs are extending the current ranked split by one week. An update will be launched sometime today to reflect this change.

Community Outrage

While it is good that the devs are taking strides to resolve the problem, the community is not happy with the situation.

User @Santaisntblind1 said that they lost two games in a row because the servers crashed on them numerous times. They added that even after two years, the game is still experiencing such issues.

Another user said that while the devs are aware of the situation, they should think of removing the abandonment penalty for now until everything is fixed.

User @TheOnlyKamaz tweeted that the devs should do more. Aside from extending ranked splits, they should also award players with some in-game content as compensation. Perhaps giving some Apex Coins to those who are affected would do the trick.

Despite the problems, one user is happy that the devs are being transparent about the issues plaguing the game, and they are showing the community that they care by extending the ranked split.

The developers should patch things up as fast as possible as the Evolution Collection Event is still ongoing.

Anyway, what do you think of Respawn’s response about the server issues? Are you happy with how they’ve handled the situation or do you think they could have done more?

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