Apex Legends Mobile: New Legend Crypto Brings His Hacking Prowess in Latest Update

Hyperbeat Update
Hyperbeat Update EA

The new season for Apex Legends Mobile called Hyperbeat is going to launch later today. With the start of the new season comes an update, which introduces a new Legend, ready to bring his hacking prowess into the Apex Arena.

Meet the New Legend

The latest Legend to join Apex Legends Mobile is none other than Crypto. Also known as Tae Joon Park, Crypto is a brilliant hacker specializing in aerial drones to spy on his enemies.

Tae Joon became a computer engineer for the Mercenary Syndicate alongside his foster sister, Mila Alexander. Both of them stumbled upon an algorithm one day that could successfully predict the result of any Apex Games match. This caught the attention of the wrong people, which led to Mila’s disappearance the next day. This forced Tae Joon to go into hiding after he was framed for her murder. Because of this, Tae Joon was left with no choice but to join the Apex Games to clear his name.

Crypto can use his surveillance drone to give his squadmates some much-needed map vision. His Neurolink passive is pretty useful because it marks enemies and traps detected by his surveillance drone for his squadmates to see within a 30-meter range.

His tactical ability allows him to deploy a pilotable drone that he can use to surveil his surroundings. This particular drone can detect enemy squads and any battlefield hazards that may put his team in danger.

Crypto’s ultimate ability uses his drone to set off an EMP blast, dealing Shield damage and slowing enemies down within range. The blast can disable traps as well, which is great if the enemy team was able to set some up during the match.

It is also worth noting that Crypto’s drone has been redesigned for Apex Legends Mobile. The drone now follows Crypto wherever he goes and will automatically track nearby enemies occasionally.

Here’s a rundown of Crypto’s Legend perks:

  • Self Destruct: Destroyed drones explode after three seconds, slowing and damaging enemies caught in the blast.
  • Hidden User: Become semi-transparent when controlling drones.
  • System Scan: Your drone reveals an enemy's HP and armor after three seconds of scanning.
  • Shut Down: Your Ultimate also damages HP but cannot kill an enemy.
  • Lag Bomb: Your drone can launch an EMP bomb that slows and deals damage.
  • Salvage Operation: Your drone can retrieve items.
  • Battle Adaptation: Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Restart: Using your Finisher instantly repairs your drone or reduces your Ultimate's cooldown by 30%.
  • Interrogator: Using your Finisher reveals the location of your target's squad on the mini-map.

Apex Legends Mobile's new Hyperbeat Season is expected to go live tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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