Apex Legends Mobile: Distortion Update Introduces a New Legend and King's Canyon Map

New Legend: Rhapsody
New Legend: Rhapsody Respawn Entertainment

The latest season for Apex Legends Mobile will kick off soon and with it is an update that introduces a new Legend. A fan-favorite map from the original game is coming as well.

New Legend

Rhapsody joins the Apex Legends Mobile roster in the Distortion Update . This new Legend uses her music to provide support to her allies. Her tactical ability, Hype Anthem, speeds up nearby squadmates and recharges their shields, though this effect ends when she takes damage.

Her ultimate ability called Rowdy’s Rave is also quite useful. Rowdy is a robot companion that Rhapsody’s mother created to amplify her voice. That said, when this ability is used, Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that block incoming sights and scans.

Rhapsody comes with some unlockable perks as well. They are:

  • Volume Control: Squadmates affected by your Tactical temporarily gain Gifted Ear.
  • Sound Bleed: Occasionally see nearby 3D sound visualizations effects through walls.
  • Tuned In: Continuous running increases the range of Gifted Ear.
  • Reverb: The more squadmates your Tactical affects, the longer it lasts.
  • Harmony: Your Tactical increases the speed of revives and the effect of healing items.
  • Rowdy’s Rhythm: During your ultimate, squadmates standing near Rowdy reload faster.

The Distortion Update also brings new maps - one of which is a fan favorite from the original game called King’s Canyon. To celebrate its addition to Apex Legends Mobile, the developers added some VIP tickets to Rhapsody’s next concert which is scattered all over the map.

King's Canyon Map
King's Canyon Map Respawn Entertainment

Patch Notes

  • Added the ability for Pathfinder’s hook to pull enemies without Pathfinder being pulled towards the enemy.
  • Disabled the ability to use the second jump from Octane’s jump pad while using healing items.
  • Removed collision for teammates.
  • Fully kitted weapons changed to: Havok, Prowler, Spitfire, Charge Rifle, and Mastiff.
  • EVA-8 and Devotion moved to Care Package, Spitfire, and Volt removed from Care Package.
  • EVA-8 base pellet damage increased from 6 to 7, spare ammo stack adjusted to 60.
  • Devotion base damage increased from 16 to 17, spare ammo stack adjusted to 270.
  • Removed Spitfire barrel attachment slot. Increased tactical reload speed from 2.37s to 2.57 seconds.
Team Deathmatch
  • EVA-8 and Devotion moved from the base weapon pool to the care package.
  • Spitfire and Volt were added to the base weapon pool.
  • Spitfire and Volt changed from red to gold tier weapons
  • Added distance acceleration mode in sensitivity settings.
  • Added vertical sync toggle in the video options menu.
  • Picking up a squadmate's banner has been adjusted to a one-handed action. You can now loot a squadmates banner while shooting or using a healing item.

The Distortion Update is expected to go live later today.

Apex Legends Mobile is available on Android and iOS.

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