Apex Legends Mobile: Loba Joining the Fight in the Cold Snap Update

New Legend: Loba
New Legend: Loba Twitter/@PlayApexMobile

Apex Legends Mobile will have a new legend soon. The Cold Snap Update features a new Legend named Loba and a new limited-time game mode where mid-range combat is not an option.

New Legend

Loba is going to join Apex Legends Mobile in the upcoming Cold Snap Update. After Revenant killed her family, Loba was left with nothing, so she had to steal stuff to survive. Loba’s fate changed when she stole a Jump Drive Tech that was stored inside a supposedly impenetrable facility.

That said, the teleportation bracelet gives Loba her amazing abilities. Her passive ability is called Eye for Quality. This allows her to spot nearby Epic and Legendary loot even when they’re behind walls and other obstacles.

Her tactical ability is called Burglars Best Friend. When used, she throws her jump drive bracelet to a target location and instantly teleports to it. This is quite useful when chasing opponents or escaping enemy fire.

And lastly, her ultimate ability is called Black Market Boutique. This is interesting because she drops a portable shop on the ground, which allows Loba and her allies to instantly loot the surrounding area.

Even though she doesn’t possess any high damaging abilities in her kit, the utility she provides will be of huge benefit to the team.

Loba is available for purchase in the shop. She can also be acquired by reaching Level 25 of the Battle Pass. Furthermore, she has a useful perk that allows her to gain extra loot from crates.

New Limited-Time Mode

Aside from Loba, developers of Apex Legends Mobile are introducing a new game mode where players can only use snipers and shotguns. In other words, guns like assault rifles, pistols, and SMGs are off-limits. The new game mode is only available for a limited time.

Winter Warfare is Coming

There’s a reason why the developers are calling this update Cold Snap. That's because parts of the World’s Edge map are covered in snow due to the Climatizer.

When it’s turned on, players should be on the lookout for frosted loot boxes scattered all over the map. Inside these loot boxes are diamonds - a new currency that can be spent in the seasonal shop for some rare items.

Players can find some Snow Grenades on the map as well. The Snow Grenade is a new throwable item that not only damages enemies but also slows them down when it explodes.

Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap Update is expected to go live later today at 8 p.m. EST.

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