Apex Legends Legendary Hunt Event Begins Next Week

Apex Legends: The Legendary Hunt
Apex Legends: The Legendary Hunt Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is launching a new event next Tuesday called The Legendary Hunt. This limited time event is scheduled to last for two weeks.

This limited time event introduces Kings Canyon to:

  • Apex Elite Queue
    • Test yourself against the best with the Apex Elite queue.
    • Make it to the Top 5 in any match to earn your way into a select queue full of other Top 5 winners.
    • In order to continue playing in the queue you will have to keep placing in the Top 5.
  • Legendary Hunt Challenge Rewards
    • Complete a set of limited-time challenges and earn new Rare, Epic, and Legendary skins.
  • Double XP Weekend
    • Beginning Friday, June 7 at 1:00 a.m. EST through Monday, June 10 at 1:00 a.m. EST, earn double XP on base progression and Battle Pass progression.
  • Battle Pass Bonus XP
    • Finish Top 5 in any match and earn an entire Battle Pass level (once per day).
  • Legendary Hunt Store Skins
    • Every three to four days during the event, we’ll have new Legendary Hunt themed skin rotating through the in-game store for direct purchase.
  • Two Additional Legendary Skins for all Battle Pass Owners
    • Players who have the Wild Frontier Battle Pass will automatically get the Legendary Honored Prey R-301 skin.
    • Players who reach Battle Pass level 15 before the end of the event will get the Wraith Night Terror Legendary skin.

Apex Legends also provided some updates on the upcoming Season 2.

According to the team at Respawn Entertainment, they have been listening to the community discussion with regards to Season 1 and received a lot of great feedback. Some of the improvements that players can expect for the upcoming season include:

  • Level up via Daily and Weekly Challenges.
  • Time to Battle Pass level 100 should be significantly reduced.
  • Three additional Legendary skins added to the rewards track.
  • Three entirely new content categories replace badge and stat tracker rewards.
  • Earn enough Crafting Metal rewards from the full reward track to craft a Legendary item, or whatever your heart desires.

More details are to be revealed during their scheduled EA PLAY livestream next week.

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